Roe v. Wade


Action / Drama / History

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
IMDb Rating 4.4 10 989

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James DuMont as Henry Wade
Ashton Leigh as Nurse Candor
Amy Paffrath as Camille
Jessica Serfaty as Sandy Ryer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sbeharry06 10 / 10

Poor reviews are just a result of politically motivated people!

This is a good movie, people just want a movie about abortion that suits their personal and emotional views and the mainstream opinion. It is a GREAT Movie, support it and watch it!

Reviewed by chadrlynch 10 / 10

The Truth Behind Roe V. Wade

It's important to get the truth out with the complete Left-Wing biases blatantly being expressed by the mainstream media news nowadays. This movie accurately shows the actual truth behind the very controversial Roe V. Wade case. Protestors on the Left tried very hard to restrict free speech by trying to prevent this movie from even being released. Media platforms will no doubt suppress the ability for many potential viewers with even being able to find and stream it online. I applaud this excellent movie, and the outstanding actors that helped make it. It's a must watch for anyone interested in the actual history of this extremely controversial case!

Reviewed by jjr-76474 1 / 10

propaganda of first grader level

This movie is history re-writing. But, if you take the time to source the real facts before you watch it, then it becomes incredibly funny! It's like a beginners course in propaganda, so heavy handed, massively manipulative, degree zero of finesse, that it actually made me laugh out loud a couple of times.

No attempt here to even pretend not to be one sided. Everybody is stereotyped to the max, and history is re-scripted with utter disregard for actual events. It even goes as far as to reference the holocaust in the dialogs to define the pro-choice side, and that is only one of the multiple antisemitic gratuitous jabs in this movie.

Here is one example of how the movie works: it is bookended by two reasonably effective, even if cheap, emotional moments: the dreadfully moving rendition of "the diary of an unborn child" and the "who will give voice to the silenced" supreme court plea, two really strong speeches of the pro-life side. Well, obviously the voice of the pro choice will be shown with similar respect... of course not, in between the voice of the pro-choice is a chant praising abortion as money for succion, and an overall scam orchestrated to make money off the ignorance of women. This gives you a sense of how balanced the view of the issue is.

The justice who supported pro choice are obviously shown as corrupt throughout the film, and decide on politics rather than merit or conviction. Or worse, if they're not corrupt, they vote pro choice for being badgered by their wives and daughters,

And of course the pro-choice characters evidenced during the movie end up in one of three ways: Either their « despicable hypocrisy » is outed, either they see the error of their ways and find god, or they sink in despair and eternal grief over the « horrible acts they are guilty off »! Aaaah the suavity of the nuance.

Well if you hoped for a movie that could be watched by many on both sides, a movie to open and inform the debate, that's not the one.

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