Roller Squad


Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 81

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gratuito 9 / 10

In love of seeing real skaters on the big screen

This movie is fantastic. Love, Action, Comedy, Drama all in one.

It is an indie film, do not expect a Benjamin Button for Love, X-Men for Action, The Hangover for the Comedy and Hacksaw Bridge for Drama.

Enjoy at it is :p.

Reviewed by streetgermail 10 / 10

Unique Movie

Low Budget and really unique idea. The script is super cool how the director link all the stories and races.

The movie is not a Hollywood movie so please do not expect explosions, incredible action with green Croma and a story with detailed characters and past.

Something different to add to our cine and to improve the skating scene and motivate healthy habits.

Reviewed by chameautv 7 / 10

Really entertaining

The premise of this film is quite intriguing. Roller Skater hunt a serial killer through the streets of London.

It really kicks off full speed, and gives us a feeling of a potentially quit dark and scary film. But quickly the comedy kicks in, and we discover that it won't be all grit and speed only.

Let's make it clear, this is an indie film, with a low budget production.

If you're expecting Fast & Furious on rollerblade, you won't get it, this really has an indie film and the stunts seem quite real.

It quite entertaining and fun to watch, I thought it was original and well done. The main actors are all quite good. Obviously some of the fast skaters are not professional actors, but they're all doing well in their role. So yeah, fun and distracting, recommended :)

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