Ron's Gone Wrong


Adventure / Animation / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
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Reviewed by jboothmillard 7 / 10

Ron's Gone Wrong

I saw the trailer for this animated movie a couple of times in the cinema, it looked like it would be a good laugh, and Mark Kermode gave it a positive review, so I was more than up for seeing it. Basically, in the future, tech giant Bubble unveils its latest creation: the B-Bot. Created by the generous CEO Marc Weidell (Justice Smith), it is a robotic buddy designed to help make friends and connect to the internet. In the town of Nonsuch, middle school student Barney Pudowski (Jack Dylan Grazer) is the only one in school who does not own a B-Bot. His former childhood friends, Savannah Meades (Kylie Cantrall), Rich Belcher (Ricardo Hurtado), Noah (Cullen McCarthy) and Ava (Ava Morse) have all become absorbed by their individual B-Bots. Barney's father Graham (Ed Helms), who sells novelty items online, and his grandmother Donka (Olivia Colman) come to realise that Barney does not have any friends and empathise with him. They hastily go to a Bubble store, but it is closes as they arrive. Fortunately, a delivery driver has a slightly damaged B-Bot that had fallen out of his truck and sells it to them. Barney wakes the day after his birthday and is overjoyed to receive a B-Bot (Zach Galifianakis) as a late birthday present. But upon activating it, quickly learns that it is defective and glitchy. Not wanting to upset his father, he decides to take it back to the Bubble store to get it fixed. He runs into Rich and his friends who taunt and try to humiliate him. The B-Bot begins to fight back, as his safety functions are not active, and he and Barney laugh together and run. Rich calls the police and Barney and the B-Bot, along with Graham and Donka, are taken to the Bubble store so that the B-Bot can be crushed. Not wanting to see him go, Barney secretly rescues the B-Bot, and names him Ron, a shortened version of his model number. Barney and Ron's actions are reported. While Marc is happy to see Ron go against his programming, his chief operating officer Andrew Morris (Rob Delaney) sees it as bad publicity for the company. They believe Ron has been destroyed and that the issue has been resolved. Barney teaches Ron how to be a good friend, with various notes posted on a wall to store in his memory. While hanging out, they run into Savannah who tells Ron that he needs to help Barney get friends. Despite Barney telling Savannah not to, she posts Ron's actions online, alerting Bubble. The next day, Ron leaves the house and tries to get "friends" for Barney, bringing a series of random strangers to school. While Barney gets into trouble, Rich discovers Ron's unlocked function and downloads it, causing all the other B-Bots to have their safety features and parental controls turned off. The B-Bots run wild, connecting and forming for a moment into a large robot creature. The B-Bot creature swallows and excretes (poops out) Savannah, this moment is filmed and shared across social media, and she is publicly humiliated. When the chaos eventually dissolves Barney is suspended from school. Andrew warns Marc about the ramifications of the B-Bot and sends their entire team of employees to find and get rid of Ron. Marc sneaks away so that he can meet Ron. Following his suspension, Barney tells Ron off whilst returning home, but he realises Ron was truly being a friend. Barney eventually forgives Ron's actions, and realises that Bubble employees are coming for him, and decides to run away with him. They briefly run into Savannah, still upset over her incident, and tells her that he is hiding in the woods. Barney and Ron initially enjoy themselves but end up lost in the woods and spending a scary, uncomfortable night there. At school, the B-Bots have been put under heavy lock and Savannah confides in Rich that they were indirectly responsible for Barney's situation. Bubble uses their resources, hacking into other B-Bots to take control and search for Ron and Barney. They manage to hide from them, but the cold weather and Barney's asthma have caused him to become weak. Ron brings Barney back to civilisation just outside the school where Savannah, Rich, Noah, and Ava rush out to help him. Barney is taken to the hospital and recuperates, before meeting Marc who is impressed with Ron. Marc fixes Ron's glitches and thereby makes him a different B-Bot. But Barney wants Ron's original personality back, but Marc says he is locked out from the cloud. Andrew has taken over the company, and the only place to find Ron's memory is to access the cloud at Bubble's headquarters. Barney, Graham, Donka, and Marc break into Bubble HQ to rescue Ron. Through an elaborate plan, Barney manages to make it to the Bubble database and finds Ron's original data and uploads him back into his body. Seeing that Bubble has direct access to everyone's B-Bot and realising that everyone is just as lonely as he was, Barney has the idea to upgrade all B-Bots to have Ron's flaws. But this means that Ron will be dispersed into the internet. Barney reluctantly says goodbye to Ron as his programming is spread to everyone. Andrew is disgraced in front of a crowd of people after Marc secretly recorded him admitting that the B-Bots spy on their owners for profit, and Marc is reinstated as Bubble CEO. Three months later, everyone has a faulty B-Bot, but are happy with their wild and weird personalities. Barney no longer has a B-Bot but has become much more sociable and become close with his former friends. As they hang out at recess, a giant Bubble tower overlooking Nonsuch produces Ron's face, implying that he is still alive. Also starring Marcus Scribner as Alex, Thomas Barbusca as Jayden, Sarah Miller as Bree, and Ruby Wax as Ms Hartley, with additional voices by Liam Payne and Phil LaMarr. The voice casting is very good, from Galifianakis as the cute, damaged robot friend constantly calling Barney "Absalom", to Colman as the eccentric grandmother and Delaney as the profit-obsessed villain. It is a clever story about friendship, Ron the Tic Tac shaped Weeble-like robot with all functions of a mobile phone that can think for itself and its protocols to keep it safe not working is a wonderful character, his glitches make for some really funny moments, but there is also cute and heart-warming stuff, and it also satirises the world of social networking and harvesting data, this really is a film for all the family to enjoy, a terrific and fun computer-animated fantasy comedy. Very good!

Reviewed by CinemaSerf 7 / 10

Engaging and comical kids story for adults

I'm going to start my review with a moan. Since when was it OK for parents to just let their young children chat throughout a film at a cinema? Or to wander about the aisles dropping popcorn everywhere? My parents would have had a fit, and we would have been unceremoniously removed never to return. Cinema is a shared experience on a big screen, not a surrogate baby-sitting service! Phew, now I have got that off my chest, this is quite a thought-provoking animation. The premiss is nothing especially new, a toy that every kid must have (remember the "Cabbage Patch Doll?") but this story has a far more sinister undertone to it. "Marc" is the bright-eyed, enthusiastic, young CEO of "Bubble" and in best Steve Jobs tradition, addresses his huge team from the "launchatorium" announcing their newest product - the "B-bot". A small, egg-shaped, gadget that is to become the best friend of every child. It will befriend them, know all about them, manage their social media accounts - do just about everything except eat for them. Soon, every kids wants one , has one - and they have become the norm. Except, that is, for "Barney" who lives with his father and his totally bonkers grandma, and whose dad is concerned that kids live too much of their lives vicariously through gadgets. Like so many parents, though, peer pressure ultimately forces their hand - and they buy him one on the black market (well, yes, it literally did fall off the back of a lorry!). It hasn't been pre-programmed like the gazillions of others, and so he "Ron" and "Barney" actually have to learn how to get to know one another. That's the source of many a light-hearted escapade as they begin to like, understand and trust each other whilst the boffins want to reclaim their errant android and squish him up before their share price goes the way of the dodo! The animation is colourful and well designed, and there is a smidgen of humour too, to keep the film moving along quickly and entertainingly. There are certainly quite a few poignant aspects to this: it does write large the worrying expansive culture of popularity, of always keeping up with - or surpassing - your frequently quite shallow (virtual) friends; and of the damage - both physical and psychological - that can be caused when these things go wrong. Also, it swipes fairly and squarely at corporate exploitation and greed - especially when it is directed at children, and at the laziness of the grown-ups who submit, meekly, to anything that makes life easier or less complicated, without the slightest awareness or appreciation of the potential consequences. The ending is a little bit cheesy, i felt - but there is entertainment a-plenty here with quite a strong message for those who paid for the tickets.

Reviewed by kevin_robbins 7 / 10

It's far from a classic but it is well done and entertaining

Ron's Gone Wrong (2021) is a movie my daughter and I recently watched in theatres. The storyline follows a young boy named Barney that is an outcast due to not having the latest technology which has replaced cell phones and video games as entertainment and he doesn't have one. When his parents buy him one off market that has a few issues hijinks ensue.

This movie is codirected by Sarah Smith (Arthur Christmas), Jean-Philippe Vine (Shaun the Sheep) and Octavio E. Rodriguez (The Epic Tale of Captain Underpants). This movie also contains the voices of Jack Dylan Grazer (IT), Ed Helms (The Hangover), Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover) and Olivia Colman (Hot Fuzz).

The animation in this picture is excellent. The storyline was unique and had some great characters, lessons and scenarios. The plot is fun to watch unfold. The dialogue is very entertaining and the friendship conversations as it evolves throughout the movie is good. The action scenes, while often over the top, are fun and had my daughter laughing throughout the movie.

Overall this is a slightly above average addition to the genre that's a fun family picture. It's far from a classic but it is well done and entertaining. I'd score this a 7/10 and recommend watching it once.

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