Rose Plays Julie



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 93%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 143

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Aidan Gillen as Peter / father
Orla Brady as Ellen / mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sophia55 10 / 10

one of a kind

Rose Plays Julie is a masterclass in film making, to say the least. Don't let the one sentence plot summary fool you, Rose Plays Julie defies genres to create an unforgettable and relevant story. The film covers difficult subject matter, and at times is difficult to watch. That being said, topics were handled with respect and did not seem gratuitous.

The use of symbolism and foreshadowing is unparalleled- how they made everything seem so intentional yet not contrived is beyond me. The use of sound is another strength- music that waxes and wanes allows the viewer a glimpse into the mindset of the characters. Favouring reactions over dialogue is a bold choice that absolutely works- when a character finally speaks, you hold your breath to listen. Orla Brady, Ann Skelly and Aidan Gillen are giving the performances of their careers.

All in all, Rose Plays Julie is nuanced, riveting and one of a kind.

Reviewed by ANDYDUNNE11 8 / 10

Are you sure you know who you are?

Although the theme of this film is so dark and intense that it's impossible to use the words 'I enjoyed it'. Having said that for the bravery of the story, the acting and filming it is worth seeing. I was at the Irish Premiere during the Virgin Dublin International Film Festival at the weekend and was present for the all too brief Q&A afterwards featuring the directors, producer and stars Ann Skelly, Aidan Gillen & Orla Brady. The amount of effort it takes to get a good quality Irish movie made is unreal so get behind this movie, go see it even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Reviewed by saesau 10 / 10

Intense and Unexpected

This was my favorite film of the Tallgrass Film Festival 2020. It was intense and twisty and definitely not what I expected. I thought the acting was incredible. It's not a happy film, but oh so good.

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