Rotor DR1


Family / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 3.5 10 307

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Bruno Gunn as Jax
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by WatchAndSmile 1 / 10

1.5 hours of my life just gone

Well, the script had some potential when I saw the trailer of this movie and unfortunately the trailer was the best thing about it. Apart from that this is one of the most boring movies I've watched in 2015. The acting was horrible. I get that they can't afford good actors, but they should've tried harder Music was what you expect from a no-budget movie- it's like they use the same database with bad soundtracks.

The story itself makes no sense to the end and it drags and drags the viewer into a collection of boring clips with nonsense that makes no sense or relationship to the story - felt like they were trying to make a 20-minute short film into a full feature so they just slowed everything down and filled it with useless dialogs.

Reviewed by mishelem 1 / 10

Wow! Who financed this piece of junk??!?

Not a bad story line, not a bad script, but some of the worst acting I've ever seen. The main character isn't bad, it's the supporting cast that ruins the movie. And the director seems to have fallen in love with his footage because he couldn't cut anything! It does drag on (and that's only the first half!). 4C and Maya must be good friends of the director who were cashing in on a BIG favor because they're not even close to being actors--- they're pretty good at reading aloud but they better keep their day jobs. I will watch almost any movie regardless of the quality but I couldn't finish this one! Christian Kapper, you have potential but steer clear of this director in the future!

Reviewed by rjrosseboom 10 / 10

great series

I introduced that I am active in the RC airplanes and quad copters and tricopters in Netherlands. after having heard I'm about ROTOR DR1 immediately joined the community. I'm excited to see what cool series ROTOR DR1 has become. and the film will definitely be better. if you have not seen the series, you must certainly do this. it's also nice to see that there is such a large group of people who think along. and sees that it appreciated by seeing things back where you've thought about it. I hope in the future to see more of ROTOR DR1. and receives more attention in the media.

proud to be a part of ROTOR DR1.

greetz from Netherlands.

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