Rugrats in Paris: The Movie


Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Family / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.1 10 10879

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Tim Curry as Sumo Singer
Elizabeth Daily as Tommy Pickles
Susan Sarandon as Coco LaBouche
Debbie Reynolds as Lulu Pickles

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 8 / 10

Very enjoyable, and sweeter and funnier than the first film

I sort of enjoyed the Rugrats movie, but this is better. It is sweeter and funnier, and is consequently very enjoyable. While there are some really sweet moments like Chuckie getting upset(that bit nearly made me cry) and some truly funny parts too, namely the priceless wedding scene at the end and the part when Betty sarcastically says while they are in Notre Dame "If you've seen one church, you've seen them all, wake me if you see a hunchback". The animation is bright and colourful, and the gorgeous Paris setting is used to very good effect. There is also a nice soundtrack and great voice work from Christine Cavanaugh, Tara Strong, Elizabeth Daily and Cheryl Chase. Susan Sarandon was also wonderful as Coco. While well written and funny, plus the Reptar was cool, this film is not a masterpiece, it is too short, and some of the secondary characters needed more development. I loved the references to the Godfather, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Godzilla and King Kong, they were hilarious, and I think adults will find some enjoyment too with the well scripted lines and the frequent references to various film favourites. In conclusion, funny, sweet, colourful and enjoyable. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Ftaren 8 / 10

A movie for the WHOLE Family

Being that the first film in this series was somewhat of a disappointment, I had no expectations of this being above or beyond its predecessor-much to my surprise and pleasure, I was rather thrilled at the results.

The animation is stunning, even inspired. The illustrations are full, with just enough whimsy to let you know that this is still what it is. The story is a bit of a tear-jerker, especially if you have seen the series and are familiar with the characters. Anyone who doesn't feel something during this film never had a childhood.

Each segment comes alive with its own beat, pulsating joyful across the screen. There is enough in here for adults to WANT to see it again, and enough that the kids won't complain. The references to pop culture are extensive, not limiting themselves to the last five years, or just one genre, but running the gamut from art to politics and back again, from the present day to the distant past. This a film to treasure-not quite all time great material, but very, very good.

There are of course, scenes which don't work, or could have been cut out, but then it wouldn't have been itself-And what's the point of that?

Reviewed by StephenBurg 8 / 10

A Lost Rugrats Classic

In Nickelodeon's second theatrical film based on one of their "groundbreaking" Nicktoons, Stu is summoned to Reptarland (via a cheesy scene where he talks to a woman on the phone very late at night)to fix his attraction and he brings along Chaz, who's thinking about remarrying. (Like the show, everyone else comes for the ride also). The best scenes in this movie are the Godfather parody, Casey Kasem's few lines at the wedding, the King Kong/Godzilla/Super Mario 64 parody, the famous scene where Chuckie SPOILER ALERT: crashes the wedding, the Chuckie Chan song, Ooey Gooey Land and Chaz's MySpace page. This film is the best of the trilogy. After seeing this, the first one just looks like an experiment and Rugrats Go Wild, the third and final movie, just looks like a bad film. If you like Rugrats, and you're given a choice about which one you want to watch, pick this one. Oh, and if you want to see this, pick it up very quickly; it hasen't been on TV for years. However, after the movie, the show started to go downhill. (I think that I'm the only person who realized that the tittle is abbreviated to R.I.P. Maybe it was intended to be the series finale...) My Rating: 8/10 Rated G (Cocoa MIGHT have said "ass" at one point of the film.)

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