Rum Runners

1971 [FRENCH]

Adventure / Comedy

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 531

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Plot summary

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Top cast

Brigitte Bardot as Linda Larue
Jack Betts as Renner
Clive Revill as Lord William Percival Hammond
Manuel de Blas as (uncredited)
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French 2.0
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2 hr 4 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wrvisser-leusden-nl 8 / 10

a pleasant surprise

Brigitte Bardot's later movies are generally not considered as good as her earlier ones, but 'Boulevard du rhum' is an exception to that. Aged 36 at the time, Brigitte plays a strong supporting role to leading man Lino Ventura. He plays an important runner, smuggling liquor in the time when this was prohibited by some very strict US laws. Unpleasant contacts with the US Coast Guard are part of the story.

With her singing and dancing Brigitte certainly adds a big dimension to 'Boulevard du rhum'. She also provides an element of twenties fashion, thus strongly contributing to this movie's lovely mix of Charleston and Carraïbean moods.

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy 'Boulevard du rhum'. This movie is worth 125 minutes of your time.

Reviewed by Bardotsalvador 10 / 10

A very good movie

I saw this movie not long ago and i love it ,to me Brigitte Bardot is the most beautiful , charming and divine movie star of all time , in this movie she play something like Pearl White or Musidora a silent movie star sadly this was ones of Bardot last movie role she was starting to getting older and as she once said she don't want to play mothers or older part AS LIZ TAYLOR AND HER WANNA BE SOPHIA LOREN DID good for her she was by this time a living legend and the most famous french movie star of all time, in the movie Lino Ventura a very good actor play the leading part in a very funny way but i just love the movie not only because its very good but because Bardot was in, anything with B,B, TO ME IS WORTH THE TIME AND MONEY

Reviewed by pzanardo 7 / 10

An entertaining movie with some beautifully evocative scenes

"Boulevard du Rhum" is the pleasant, entertaining story of Captain Cornelius (Lino Ventura), a rum-smuggler of the Caribbean Sea during the prohibition in the States. Along his many adventures, he falls in love with the silent-movie actress Linda Larue (Brigitte Bardot), just seeing her on the screen. Afterwards he meets her in flesh. A turbulent love-story follows...

Lino Ventura is a great actor in every role. Brigitte Bardot is gorgeous and tremendously sexy, as always. She can act, too, but that's not so relevant. Unfortunately, she has her eyebrows shaven, an awful fashion of the 60's, which partially affected BB's beauty along the second part of her career.

The photography is good and the sceneries of the Gulf of Mexico are magnificent, as expected. To show pieces of the silent movies interpreted by Linda Larue is by far the best idea in "Boulevard du Rhum". These funny silent flicks all share a delightful sexy aura, gently mocking the erotic taste of that epoch. You know, Linda Larue has always the role of a half-naked sort-of-queen of some savage tribe. And she is last-minute-rescued when, bounded in chains, she is going to be sacrificed to some ferocious beast...

However, it is to be pointed out that the film is definitely too long, and some episodes are just boring or clumsy, in particular the stuff concerned with the English Lord.

But in any case one must wait for the final scene. With the accompaniment of the song "Desir d'amour", it is incredibly romantic, evocative and poignant, without leaving off a touch of gentle sense of humour. This single scene might be enough to recommend to see "Boulevard du Rhum" (don't forget Brigitte's sex-appeal, though).

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