Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman
Pat Healy as Tom
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evacosme 8 / 10

delivered what it promised

I thought the movie started off a little slow, but i really enjoyed the way the real action started and i also liked the ending. All in all, it was a great movie, from the plot to the amazing performances, especially by Sarah Paulson, as usual.

Reviewed by structuresystemic 8 / 10

Not perfect, but taught and tense!

I really loved this film for a few reasons, first of course being the stellar acting. I also liked the daughter's character being given such a fierce sense of determination. There were a few plot holes for me, namely that the daughter wouldn't be smart enough to play along with a lunatic to get to a point where she had access to help. That and the ending seemed a bit formulaic for me (although the 'code blue' deal was great). But other than that, I thought the buildup was really excellent. What tension while the whole deal was revealed! A bit over the top but a really fun ride.

Reviewed by ahayesss 5 / 10

Did I watch a different movie?

This movie was mediocre at best. Don't believe the people giving it 8 or 9. The plot has been seen many times, it was super unrealistic, and the ending fell flat. They tried to market it as a horror/thriller but nothing about it is thrilling. It's a drama through and through. I will say though, the actors did amazing with what they were given. Sarah Paulson was her usual self, good, not award worthy. But Kiera Allen really stole the show. She made the movie (which dragged on for what seemed like 2 hours) watchable. If you enjoyed The Act or have nothing else to watch, give it a go.

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