Run Hide Fight



IMDb Rating 8.3 10 1858

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Thomas Jane as Todd Hull
Radha Mitchell as Jennifer Hull
Isabel May as Zoe Hull
Treat Williams as Sheriff Tarsy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by csliger931 10 / 10

Legitimately good..don't believe the critics

This is actually a good movie. Solid pacing, intense, and good acting. Its not the best movie ever made (its honestly a 7/10 but I have to buffer my score against the users with agenda), but its definitely worth watching. The only reason this movie was rated low by critics is because of the politics. Its bias thats not even hidden at this point. Critics are basically useless in today's society.

Reviewed by raffifeld 10 / 10

Truly amazing movie

Honestly I'm shocked, it was surprisingly good, it was the kind of intense movie that had you sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time, I thought the message was something that really needs to be heard, why the hell was the rotten tomatoes score so bad, honestly critics just care about the agenda and not about the actual story, because it was written well and acted amazing, trust me you'll love it

Reviewed by jordandblinco 10 / 10

Genuinely a 8/10, but fk the critics

Critics are slamming this because its a 2A positive film. It has very good casting of some talented young actors, its well paced and its has some very clean looking cinematic moments. I dont really understand the gripe of 'critics' othet than imposing their ideological beliefs into the review. Its not shindlers list, but as far as watchable thriller movies go its a solid showing.

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