Running Scared


Action / Adventure / Drama

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Ken Wahl as Chas McClain
Pat Hingle as Sergeant McClain
Bradford Dillman as Arthur Jaeger
Annie McEnroe as Sally Mae Giddens
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kevinolzak 6 / 10

Neglected gem boasts fine cast

1980's "Running Scared" hasn't been seen on the TV airwaves since its heyday in the 80s, and its ongoing obscurity is rather mystifying to me (I caught its HBO debut in 1982). After all, it boasts a terrific cast for a low budget actioner of the time, with rising stars Ken Wahl and Judge Reinhold supported by veterans such as Bradford Dillman, John Saxon, and Pat Hingle, all of whom contribute good performances. Still, it's the relatively unknown Annie McEnroe who steals the film as the tough rich girl who helps the unwitting fugitives fight back against the odds (she prevents things from becoming too grim). I first saw the pretty brunette topless in 1981's "The Hand," liked what I saw (who wouldn't?), then caught her in this, her feature debut after a pair of TV movies. She is so solid and dependable that I would have thought her career would skyrocket, but such was not the case (perhaps "Howling 2" really did turn out to be worse than I first believed). Other reviewers are throwing brickbats at this feature, and it's rather unfair, as it was never intended as anything more than the PG rated quickie it clearly is, delivering on everything promised (including the happy ending). Were it rated R, and failed to deliver on violence or nudity, that would be different. Catch it and find out what others seem to be missing. As for Annie McEnroe, thanks for the memories.

Reviewed by syko524L 1 / 10


This movie should be banned on the basis of just stupidity alone. I feel sorry for anyone who watches this mess. Reinhold, you have disappointed me. I didn't even know you had made this movie, and now wish that I had never come across it, as your image has deteriorated drastically.

The last comment was right on. Weapons and vehicles from another era, a plane with no bomb chute dropping invisible "bombs", a horrible acting job from ALL actors, and enough holes in the logic and plot to sink an aircraft carrier. I recommend gargling with razor blades rather than watch this b-rate crap. Awful. Just Awful.

Reviewed by sol- 4 / 10

Running on Empty

Suspected of being spies, two former military serviceman with a stolen box of hi-tech military equipment find themselves on the run from their own government in this action thriller set in the early 1960s. The time period is no coincidence, coming off as an intentional tie-in to the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and all the paranoia of the military in the lead-up to it. What the filmmakers intended to say by linking their heroes' plight to the historic event is hard to work out though. The military are portrayed as extremely inept, constantly losing the two ex-servicemen after capturing them (the pair jump out of the back of a moving van at one point), so perhaps the intention was to hint at the notion of the Bay of Pigs failing due to the military being distracted when they should not have been? In any case, the movie unsteadily walks a fine line between serious thriller and straight-out comedy. With Judge Reinhold imitating a monkey in order to hitch a ride at one point (!), the film certainly has its humorous moments, but the action for the most part comes off as grim and serious. On the other hand, there is little sense of danger in the air since the military are really that inept here... and the list goes on. Most disappointing in any case is how seldom the servicemen actually use all the nifty gadgetry that they have smuggled out in the box. A captivating thriller could have easily been shaped through the pair eluding the military MacGyver style. Never to mind, 'Running Scared' is a film that certainly has its moments, but they far between if not necessarily few.

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