Running Scared


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 41%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 95720


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Vera Farmiga as Teresa Gazelle
Paul Walker as Joey Gazelle
Michael Cudlitz as Sal 'Gummy Bear' Franzone
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sunnylight-73927 10 / 10

Violence and Suspense. Paul Walker at His Best

"Running Scared" is extremely graphically violent movie, but the most amazing thing about it is not that of course. It is not the great acting performances, or neither is the perfectly written script. The way the movie was shot, and the special effects are made, is the most great about it IMO.

I do not what more to say, except GIVE IT A SHOT, I think the most people will like it, and even if you do not like so much gore, swearing etc. you will still appreciate the well made movie, and if you ever did not liked Paul Walker, you will love him in this one. Vera Farmiga does a pretty god damn good role also, and the two young actors are fabolous.

In addition, I want to say in the beginning I thought that Paul Walker is the one who is running scared, but it is actually the russians's girl son : )

Reviewed by Alan Smithee Esq. 8 / 10

Peep This Reviews

An exciting and fast paced film that crosses the lines that most action/drama/thriller movies only hint at. It's the kind of film that keeps upping the ante, just when you think it's falling into place, the plot takes a twist you never see coming. A beautifully brutal movie. It's a wonderful twisted mystery/fairy tale.

Reviewed by o-31546 7 / 10

The strong performances truly pull this film's frantic, stylized energy together

This Paul Walker movie is filled with bomblastic action, energy and an above average plot. It's characters and cast are good and the two small kids do good acting. The story arcs and Vera Farmiga's characters' journeys are good. It's good to see Paul Walker play against type.

I love everything about this movie. the directing, the style, the music, the tone, the creepiness, the suspense, the story. Paul walker did an awesome job in the lead role. so many interesting supporting characters with their own unique back-story. so many different things happening at the same time.

The ending was good and Paul Walkers acting was really good!! That's for the five stars!! The rest of this Movie is plain weird and I wouldn't give it a rating! ---From Yidioo

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