Running with Beto



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 91%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 555

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jesswojda 10 / 10

Great insight into campaigning

If you think this documentary was just about Beto, you weren't paying attention.

This film gives an inside look into the amazing amount of work it takes to run a state-wide race. It isn't just about the politician himself, it's about everyday people like you and me who were the sweat and tears of this campaign. It was about how everyone is affected by politics no matter their background. It was about how you can do everything right, and accomplish so much, but still lose the war.

This documentary gives you the chance to fall in love with the hardworking people of Texas, and how Beto did something more important than winning the Senate race--he gave birth to the next generation of leaders who are ready to make change happen.

Reviewed by ivegotgeemail 1 / 10


Terrible, pointless documentary about a man who has zero chance off becoming president. Might as well have made a documentary about my next door neighbor.

Reviewed by Sally29 10 / 10


I was able to catch an early screening of the film a couple weeks In advance of its HBO premier, I live in Texas but wasn't too aware of Beto until the last few months of the. Campaign. I kept seeinghearing the buzz-stickers on kids' computers at Starbucks, Beto signs-even in suburbia, a mention in the paper here, a negative comment from my ultra conservative neighbor on Facebook, people talking around the proverbial water cooler at work, and so on. I caught him at a Beers with Beto, and I was hooked. Never have I seen such a smart, genuine, humble "politician." It didn't take long for me to sign up and host my own call and canvassing parties. Hope in TEXAS! Never have I been around so many positive people (supporters), Such a contrast from the politics of fear. Why bother to mention this? Because this documentary captures the spirit and enthusiasm of the Texas senate race. Want a slice of "politics" (the kind where the people are actually a part) and hope in what WILL be a model of/for America? Watch this. A word about the negative reviews and ranking..,,, they are no doubt from people who haven't seen the doc, people who support other candidates or agendas. See it for yourself.

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