Rush Hour


Action / Comedy / Crime / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
IMDb Rating 7 10 231628

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Jackie Chan as Lee
Chris Tucker as Carter
Chris Penn as Clive
Elizabeth Peña as Johnson
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P/S 25 / 338

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 8 / 10

Chan and Tucker, the best comedy duo

This martial arts movie was action packed and funny. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan make a great team in this movie. Jackie Chan brings the action and Chris Tucker brings the comedy. The fight scenes are awesome and it has a great story to it. I recommend that people should see this movie if you haven't yet. You'll enjoy it.

Reviewed by davidtkd-25249 10 / 10

Rush Hour (1998): The Fastest Hands in the East Meets the Biggest Mouth in the West

Rush Hour is a 1998 American buddy cop action comedy film starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker as two cops that have nothing in common working together to rescue the daughter of a Chinese diplomat who has been captured while also arresting a crime lord.

Directed by Brett Ratner, the film features a ton of action and drama. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker's humor is phenomenal. This is a film you will surely remember.

Rush Hour was made on a budget of $33,000,000. Rush Hour grossed $244,400,000, making it a huge success. Because of the success of Rush Hour, it was followed by two sequels, Rush Hour 2 (2001), and Rush Hour 3 (2007).

Rush Hour's film score was conducted and composed by living-legend - Lalo Schifrin ("Bullitt", "Enter The Dragon"). The music is absolutely amazing and is one of the best if not the best thing about the movie. I could listen to this music forever and I wouldn't get bored of it.

A perfect action comedy film. This film is a buddy cop masterpiece and one of my favorite films ever. 10/10.

Reviewed by Tweekums 7 / 10

A fun cop caper with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker

When the daughter of the Chinese consul in Los Angeles is kidnapped he wants his old friend Detective Inspector Lee, of the Hong Kong Police, to be part of the investigation. The FBI don't want him anywhere near their investigation so palm him off to the LAPD which in turn partners him with Detective James Carter, who has no current partner because he annoys everybody else in the department. Carter is initially pleased with the assignment but soon learns that he is just expected to babysit Lee and keep him away from the case; Lee is equally unimpressed and is determined that he must help find his friends daughter. Inevitably it isn't that long before the pair are investigating the case and the FBI are thinking they are getting in the way.

This film's story is decent enough even if the big reveal about who is ultimately behind the kidnapping is rather spoilt for anybody who reads who is starring in the film at the start… anybody appearing third is surely not only going to have one brief scene in the opening minutes! That isn't much of a problem though; this is all about the laughs not the depth of the mystery. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are a lot of fun in the lead roles; they provide lots of laughs and develop a good chemistry as the film progresses. The action is well choreographed, as one would expect from anything featuring Jackie Chan; it might not be as intense as that in his Hong Kong films but that is partly to give room to the fast talking Chris Tucker to provide more verbal laughs. Overall I found this to be a fun mix of action and comedy which manages to avoid the sort of offensive material that might put off many viewers.

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