Russell Peters: Almost Famous



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stand-up comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by karam-22496 6 / 10

The same old Russel peters

I will make this review short and sweet. Remember the genuine laughs you had when watching a Russel peters special for the first time? You won't have them again. If this will be your first Russel peters special then i confidently say go ahead with it as not many have explored his range/style in comedy. For the rest of you, his material fails to progress as opposed to great comedians (george Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, bill hicks etc). His focus is mainly STILL race, even though he was able to come out with some new jokes yet they still seem expected or repetitive after a while. The shows' area of strength remains the part were he interacts with live audience, making of fun of them in a light fashioned way highlighting how natural of a comedian he is .

Overall, the show was okay given the same source of material he always used but never worthy of mentioning in the same list of great specials.

Reviewed by taisbaumannv 8 / 10

So fun!

Russel is known for his accent, and comedy about countries around the world. He showed alot of that in this special, and I was crying of laughter!

Reviewed by captainrachel 3 / 10

Boring, Repetitive

I truly enjoyed some of Peters' earlier stand-up shows. He has several jokes that will live on for years to come. But, having said that, this performance left a lot to be desired. I made it about halfway through before I realized I wasn't laughing, just sort of zoning in and out while staring at the TV. It was then that I also realized the audience wasn't really laughing either. There was scattered laughter and chuckles here and there, but I'm thinking, "If I'd paid for a ticket, driven, parked, stood in line and sat in a seat, I'd expect to be rolling on the floor".... NOT just politely chuckling.

The jokes were transparent. I could often guess the punch line. Really, it was a bunch of incoherent stories that set up an opportunity for him to use the accents and impersonations he's know for. I've read other reviews and some people pointed out the "funniest" jokes.... and they weren't all that great. Nowhere near his earlier stuff.

Disappointed! Watch his earlier routines. Don't waste your time.

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