2016 [HINDI]

Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 45%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 22651

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 6 / 10

Very lil to do with the actual case. Nevertheless a decent one time watch.

Well I appreciate the fact that Akshay has started picking up some good genre n deviated from his usual stuff. The movie was a decent one time watch. It had very lil to do with the actual case. A really important case which really needed to be shown with responsibility. It could have been an awesome one if they had paid attention to the screenplay. If only they could have portrayed the courtroom scenes very seriously rather than making it a bad comedy. Why was there a need to show Esha Gupta as a courtesan? Why was there a need to show the justification of Illeanas adultery? Why couldn't they jus show that she was away from her husband for 6 months n that she jus felt the urge to satisfy herself. N why was the need to show that Akshay killed the guy coz he was doing some anti national shady deal n not coz he slept with his wife. One really good thing that caught my attention was the explanation given why he shot 3 bullets. Nice one. The opening courtroom scenes reminded me of Anthony Hopkins Fracture.

Reviewed by indianature 10 / 10

A riveting watch

I watched Rustom when it aired on Zee TV last evening. I did not expect too much from it based on press reviews even though it had done well at the box office. Was I surprised!

Even though everyone knows this movie is broadly based on the infamous Nanavaty incident, it was well made and riveting till the last scene.

Everyone but everyone essayed their role so well, especially the bawaji newspaper walla :) Akshay could well pass off for aapro Russi!

Rustom is one heck of a slick production, good plot, fabulous period sets, crisp dialogues, superb acting, cinematography par excellence.

This movie holds the interest throughout and the climax keeps you on the edge of your chair even though you very well know what is coming.

Well done Akshay, with Special 26, Holiday, Baby and now Rustom, you have really come well out of the Khiladi mould. Looking forward to more such slick productions.

Reviewed by jatisking001 5 / 10

A half- hearted attempt towards a serious subject.

As we all know Rustom is based on the Nanavati case which was responsible for the abolition of the the jury trial system in India. So the subject is pretty serious and you expect a serious thriller which would keep you to the edge of your seats till the end. Alas a half hearted attempt by the director makes it an average Bollywood movie. It seems like an opportunity lost. The movie starts well and keeps you intrigued for the first 45 minutes. But as the courtroom proceedings start the film fails. Unnecessary humor and silly jokes spoil the game. Akshay Kumar does justice to his role and is the soul of this movie. The rest of the cast have hardly anything to do. The screenplay and direction are weak. The director seems to believe that the protagonist is not human but god. Also the patriotic angle of the movie of the movie is not presented well. Rather at time it seems unnecessary. The climax of the movie is good and saves this movie somehow. Overall I would say that this movie could have a lot better if there was seriousness in it.

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