Ruthless Realtor



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tomfsloan 6 / 10

Overall not too bad.

This review has spoilers. Don't you love psycho surprises? The movie flowed along fairly well. And for once the leading man didn't irritate me. Neither did most of the other principals. The cinematography was well done. And the directing seemed descent too. Although I thought the parking garage scene was rather lame. A few miscellaneous things: The photo in the developer would not have spoiled that fast when the door opened. Especially when the basement was pretty dark to begin with. She's in jail. They act like she's in prison. There's a difference. Oh. She escaped? Oh wow! I found it amusing that the cops texts to his wife were just that. To "wife". Leaving his wife outside after the cop incident was stupid. Nice twist although predictable. The ending fight scene was mediocre at best. But the final scene with the handsome single man was stupid and unnecessary. It seemed like the movie had a certain time period to be produced, and time ran short, so the ending scenes were rushed. But despite all my critical complaints about Lifetime movies, they are entertaining and I watch them. Geez.

Reviewed by kyleallencole9 6 / 10

Excellent thriller!

This lifetime movie was excellent and highly recommended!! The film opens with a man (weber) being attacked and beaten to death in his home by a masked intruder. Then it shifts to a young married couple (lily anne harrison and Brian Ames) being strangely convinced by a realtor (christie burson) into buying a beautiful home out in the country. She swindles another young buyer (alexandra peters) out of loosing the house who then warns the couple about their realtors strange behavior and dark past. Also that she may be responsible for the disappearances of another couple who lived in that house. Meg, the realtor begins wedging herself into their lives where they discover that she may be unhinged, but is she really the wicked killer who is murdering people who move into that house. This movie was actually pretty creepy, especially when they show the rotting bodies that are in the walls of that house. I'm shocked that they didn't premier this movie in October instead. Definitely glad I gave this one a shot, definitely did not disappoint!!

Reviewed by Chartreuse1 8 / 10

Quite good for Lifetime!

Christie Burson stars in this Lifetime thriller as Meg, a lonely realtor, who sells a house to a couple even though there's another well-off woman who's interested in buying the house. Unfortunately, for the couple, Meg is a little off and keeps showing up unexpectedly after the couple moves in and she becomes a pest. What happens after that, is a non-stop thrill ride with a great ending! Highly recommended Lifetime movie and would watch again!

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