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Chris Owens as Young Security Guard
John Neville as Prof. Follenfant
Graham Greene as Nicholas Tollander
Mark Dacascos as Michael Bishop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by supertom-3 8 / 10

Very Good Thriller!

Sabotage is really what you could call a surprise package. On the one had it is an low budget action film starring martial arts star Mark Dacascos, which may suggest the film will be hollow, brainless and lacking in genuine class. However the film is a surprisingly entertaining and stylish piece of cinema that betters many thrillers released by big studios. The performances are first rate and the character interactions are good with some great dialogue.

The plot is an intentionally convoluted one which unravels as the movie progresses. There are conspiracies, dodgy agency folk and assassinations. The whole thing is regularly referred to as a metaphorical game of Chess (In fact the two lead characters have the surnames Bishop and Castle!). We open with a flashback set in Bosnia 1993, during a failed mission to rescue political hostages, when a third party comes in and kills allied troops, including Michael Bishop (Mark Dacascos). The third party was a former colleague of Bishops, named Sherwood, played superbly by Tony Todd. Bishop is left with 7 bullets holes in his chest thanks to Sherwood and left for dead. As it happens though a few years later he is still alive and now working as a bodyguard, but his client is killed under his nose and he must track down who did it. Bishop could leave it alone but out of duty he wants to find the killer but as he unravels the plot he finds that the situation now is linked with his mission in Bosnia. The plot has depth and keeps you guessing while there are plenty of twists. The final twist is excellent (you could call it: Bishop takes Queen, check mate!). It isn't merely the plot that has clever touches but the methodical way in which Bishops thinks. The film makers make darn sure this guy looks like someone who has intelligence training. He gets out of situations and solves situations using his head, not just flying in there feet first as you'd expect a martial arts star in an action movie to do. Great parts include Bishop setting up a censor outside of his motel room using a lamp, and his use of a fridge at the end is also very good. The film is littered with nice touches that give it a depth that you don't expect.

The cast are excellent. Really and truly in the main roles there is not a weak link. Mark Dacascos is good here. He has always had more humanity and acting ability than a lot of his action man peers and he is good here, playing the methodical Bishop. His relationship and chemistry with Carrie Ann Moss (Castle) is a big part of the movies success. They initially have friction as he is a chief suspect, but as the plot unravels they work together and form a bond that doesn't go into the B-movie cliché of becoming immediately sexual for the sake of some T&A. Carrie Ann Moss is also very good in her role, balancing loving mother with ambitious FBI career woman very well, before turning into a bad ass at the end. Then there is Tony Todd who is excellent as the villain. They managed to get someone in to play Sherwood with some charisma. If Sherwood wasn't menacing and wasn't played right this would have suffered. Similar to Bishop, Sherwood is highly intelligent and is given the intellectual high ground over all his cohorts (as he says 'f**cking amateurs!). Finally the is good support from James Purcell and also some real class from John Neville and Oscar nominated Graham Greene, two highly respected actors. There is a real classiness to the central cast that warrants this film more accolade than it has. This really had the quality to be released theatrically.

The direction by Tibor Takacs is stylish and although he goes overboard at times he keeps proceedings moving along nicely and there are some good action scenes. The action is strong here but there is now big stand out scene, obviously due to budgetary constraints. The film opens with two consecutive action sequences and the airport hit is very good. Really they needed an extended action scene in there somewhere, rather than just short bursts. The rather blandish and cold cinematography actually works well for this film, giving some atmosphere and that combines well with Guy Zefara's low key and ambient score. He knows the limitations of doing a Synthesizer score and doesn't try an recreate a full orchestra. Rather he create a subtle score that keeps the atmosphere going and uses an effective percussive style for the action.

Overall this is an accomplished little film. Its not original by any means but gives some depth to its material and although it lacks a strong finish it is certainly a film that demands viewing. ***1/2

Reviewed by bevinchu-1 8 / 10

Hidden gem

Surprisingly good action film. Far better than some big budget films that somehow made it into the theaters but should have gone straight to video.

Surprisingly upscale cast. Carrie Anne Moss of future Matrix fame. Also excellent veteran character actors such as Graham Greene.

Good sniper-themed films are few and far between. The original Day of the Jackal, Sniper, Shooter, Quigley Down Under, Enemy at the Gates. You can pretty much list them on the fingers of one hand.

Admittedly Sabotage makes a few technical gaffes regarding the nitty-gritty of how snipers operate. But if one is willing to overlook them, Sabotage is actually one of the better sniper-themed films around.

Lots of "gun porn" for firearms freaks. Lots of intrigue, double-crosses and triple-crosses for thriller fans. Satisfying conclusion. I disagree with those who say the ending was an anti-climax.

It even has some of the earliest uses of "bullet time." Judicious use too, used appropriately. Not overkill.

Reviewed by JaydoDre 7 / 10

Deserves more credit and exposure

I am surprised less at the average score the internet gave this movie and more at the number of reviews given. The film features a cast of relatively known people and has a few innovative bits, yet the whole thing has faded into obscurity, not even getting its own cover on IMDb.

If you judge the plot from the description alone, it appears to be a bit boring and cheap: some ex-navy seal gets mixed in a bunch of interconnected conspiracies with the FBI, CIA and hitmen involved. In practice however, the movie manages to lift the plot above trash. The recurring theme is that of a game of chess where the main character, whose surname happens to be Bishop, is taking part in the conspiracy game.

The acting by Mark and Carie-Anne are average. The script written for them should take most of the blame for that, as it can get shallow and cheesy at times, which is to be expected for this type of movie.

Nonetheless, this movie has class, which manages to keep it out of feeling too cheap. The action is well paced and is not too aggressive or overabundant, so that there is a feeling that a figurative chess game is indeed happening and it is not just a sweaty guy throwing chess pieces around in anger, which is what a lot of actions movies feel like. At the same time, it has a few memorable action scenes which have stayed with me all the way from childhood.

If you like action movies and have not seen this one, I highly suggest adding it to your checklist, although the only place I have been able to find it is on VHS and Youtube...a shame, considering the kind of garbage they still show on TV sometimes.

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