Horror / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dawn2401 6 / 10

Worth a watch

It does take you along but tends to do so slowly.However , you would like it if you stay till the end.They are some scenic places in the movie which would add to the melange.

Reviewed by phoenixinvictus 6 / 10

Rather good actually

It has a lot of lovecraftian elements in this movie. I was almost about to not watch it but it hooked me right at the start. It's a bit slow but I think is what adds to the mystery.

Reviewed by ops-52535 6 / 10

feeling obliged to...

Watch this norwegian based mysterious horror thriller since im norwegian, left me in the end with bland feelings the story is short and repetitive dreamlike horror that materialize in a pretty twisted end. and the start of the story you see a bloodcovered panicking lady, waking up her son fleeing their house and hauls a boat to ship them away from something bad and sinister...

its a film with vast fjordlandscapes, narrow roads and rather peculiar inhabitants of rednecks community at an island i guess in the nortern parts of west norway. its grell, rainy and cold as usual and when the 15 years ago fleeing son comes back with his heavy pregnant wife, youll sense that the house is built on an evil lot. so if you come to norway for holyday, stay away from the most desolate firth communities cause they tend to be druide driven or extremely religious with the word of the bible as a guideline...he-he

its a small cast movie a bland of norwegian extras and smaller parts, they do speak english, but i tend to be nauseaus when the american/british actors take a mouthfull of norwegian æ ø å words,terrible and wrecks the film hollistically, almost 99.8% percent of norwegians do understand basic 5000 words vocabulary ... but it made me laugh.

otherwise its a resurgens of repetitive dreams that marks the plot, pretty nice but may become boring for the real horrormystery nerd. productionwise its no much glitches, some of the camera techniques are brilliant, and the musical score feel like a thorn in my eardrum, but it works darn well anyway.

even though i love to live in the lowest /flattest parts of norway where the highest hill is 132 moh and still being a hill when descending i do fall in grace of the natural beauty of norway. so its a film to watch, though not an EMP of extravaganza. so its a small recommend from the grumpy old man

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