Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai: The Clouds Gather


Animation / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.2 10 551

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jasminn_tan 9 / 10

The Feels..!

I didn't read the manga before watching this movie so I basically went in without knowing what would happen so that ending left me quite shocked and now I'm off to read the manga. I thought that this movie was poignant, leaving one with the lingering feelings of missing something that never was. The animation was beautiful and the main characters really intrigued me because they were complex with a multitude of edges sharpened from their tragic pasts. Maybe some people might feel uncomfortable watching this due to the mature and dark topics that the movie touches on but I think that if you're watching a movie about yakuzas and expecting it to be light-hearted, you're going in with the wrong mindset and expectations. The song at the end was also so good and fitted the overall tone of the movie really well.

Reviewed by ysraelc 10 / 10

So beautifully animated and in good taste. If the viewers are not familiar with the manga, then, be aware that it is an adult animation which features very mature subjects -of the psychological kind-, giving an insight of the MC's behavior of certain preferences in his "amorous/casual" rendez-vous.

Reviewed by samkeith-15857 9 / 10

This movie simply deserves alot of love

This is something you should absolutely not miss out on. The story line is quite grim and the set up and pacing is just perfect. I m quite sensitive so this movie made me cry super hard at the end. The charecters have a lot of depth to them. The soundtrack was super addicting I ended up memorizing the entire lyrics..this movie is so underrated it deserves so much love. The reason why I gave it a 9 is probably because I believe there were a few plotholes and some charecters didn't make sense but thats just a personal bias..I loved the movie overall and its definitely worth recommending

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