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Steve Forrest as Gordon
John Mills as Cambridge
Horst Buchholz as Von Glessing
Lambert Wilson as Jaffar
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by miguelangel-23 5 / 10

Surprisingly not as bad as the critics tolds us back in the 80's

Today I watched this movie for the very first time. Back in the 80's this movie never made it to my home town, I guess because of the poor critics, and that was a shame because i really wanted to watch it, I had such a big crush on Brooke Shields during the early 80's. I knew that the movie was probably just a lame excuse to expose her sex appeal and popularity, and there were probably little to none substance in the movie it self. After reading the reviews I thought that this was probably a horrible fiasco of a movie I still wanted to watch it, but like i said I was never able until today. What a surprise... the movie is indeed not a big deal at all, but by far boring, it was rather entertaining, I mean not every piece of cinema has to be a master piece, but as long it is entertaining it will be alright, and this one it is alright. The rating is 4 out of 10, my self out of watching it and enjoying it and being able to watch again young Brooke in her prime it was worth it. I would give it a 5 out of 10.

Reviewed by aorban-1 8 / 10

Racing and romance in the Sahara

Storyline very good and romantic, however at the time Brooke Sheilds appeared that she had never really made love with anyone before in real life, let alone in the movie. The cars and the race was very real as was the desert locales. I enjoyed the different characters portrayed as race drivers and how the race turned out. I wondered if the race was based on facts or not. The costumes were good and the dialog flowed well. Lambert Wilson was very believable in his role. The battle scenes were good and intense, not like those of today where they are very bloody or graphic, but still good. The scenes of the rescue of Brooke Sheilds by Lambert Wilson were on the edge of your seat and the ending where she returns to him is extremely romantic. I found it over all very entertaining.

Reviewed by mischam76 9 / 10

a fine adventure film

i don't understand why this film has been given so much is a corny 1983 adventure like all the others in the eighties and does a good job as a film of it nature and genre. there's lots of cheese,granted,but isn't that what these kind of films are suppose to be full of? Brooke Shields looks absolutely stunning through out,and although her gender bending sequence was a bad idea,its not her can you make such a stunning woman pass for a man.the water fall scene makes up for it all though. Brooke's performance was fine,as were the performances of her co stars though nobody stands out.

this was a fun and enjoyable adventure film,just as it was made to be and deserves a lot more credit.

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