Saint Frances


Comedy / Drama

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Jim True-Frost as Isaac
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 9 / 10

a drama you wont forget that easy

If you like a drama film delving over the female physiology, womens psychy, womens sexuality (remember darwins selection of the fittest theory), womens rights, mating preferals, menstruation and abortion, the this film is your oyster, and mirrors the american culture and hibition in a grandieuse way

its a low budget drama, a socalled indie, with a flawless cast at all levels, a great score that will sooth the spirits, and a never stopping escapadial story about the 34 years old late bloomer, fast coming and mind blowing girl, who nannies anyone,at any age and any gender. its a well handcrafted movie technically, i couldnt find any flaws to it.

this film made my grumpy old wife laugh a lot, and my grumpiness had to shed away for the chars and spirits from the brilliant acting by the main cast. but i think the topnotch is that the film brings and delves over some dangerous, unheard of and not spoken about topis in the american society, so its a groundbreaker if you ask me. so if you wanna know what menstruation is ,then have a look, its a highly recommended take to chew on.

Reviewed by tocanepauli 7 / 10

From a guys perspective....

I found this film enjoyable - a real slice of life type of film and very well fimed in a very casual but real way. Bridget was very real and likeable (although the wife didn't like her!). Real world issues treated in s real world way. Great Sunday afternoon film...

Reviewed by colonnesel 3 / 10

An attempt was made at something - we're just not sure what

This is a weird one, the movie seems to have no plot, no introduction, no story, no conclusion. It's one of those films you start watching and within 5 minutes you know that it will be terrible but you're unable to look away.

Many other reviews state that this movie deals with hot issues like acceptance, abortion (or free choice really), and family values. It really doesn't.

It shows these issues exist, but does it deal with them? No.

Essentially a waste of 106 minutes that you could be spending doing just about anything else, it is a time trap.

I cannot in good faith recommend this movie for anyone.

Even the kid isn't that cute.

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