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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robtyrrell-98607 3 / 10

If Ingmar Bergman had gotten drunk....

...he might have made a movie like this.

I seriously wish I had done a couple bong hits or shots before watching this. Some of the dialogue might have been more tolerable, or the incomprehensible changes in character motivation might have made sense. It's a pretty twisted tale to start with, but slow pacing and plodding developments don't help. When a movie is only 1 hr 40 minutes, but feels like 3 and a half hours, it's a warning that things are not right.

I know it's supposed to be "edgy" and "shocking", but when it's also so dull that the delicious male nudity barely wakes you up you realize you're strapped in for a rough ride.

Reviewed by jc666999 4 / 10

bad, but entertaining

The most basic elements of the story in this movie are actually pretty good. Twins separated at birth, one living in a monastery raised by a priest that has molested him his whole life and the brother who finds him and wants to reunite with with their mother, whom he just found recently too after he finds she's still alive and was kept in the dark by the grandmother who raised him. Add all the other elements and it starts falling apart. The mother's lesbian romance is barely justified as the reason why her sons were taken away from her. And her adopting of her lover's daughter, who becomes her lover too because she looks just like her is just nonsense. But then it turns out the brothers are incestuous too and they have sex the day they meet. At this points it seems like fetish after fetish horned in the film.

In the end all four of them live in a polyamorous incestuous household, with a new baby and another one on the way. Just what is one supposed to get from that? Are the children going to be brought up to participate in this incestuous household? I have no idea what that was about.

The acting gets to be pretty abysmal at times with stiff line delivery and lack of consistency in the way the two brothers act, both played by the same actor. The editing was pretty bad too with some cheap transitions in between scenes and unnecessary flashbacks through the movie's climax.

All said it was entertaining watching it even if only because you're constantly thinking how everything could've been done better.

Reviewed by mkragh 2 / 10


Well LaBruce has done it again. Another woeful tale which could have used a good rewrite. The actors do what they can and there are a couple of moments that could have been downright spooky, but the plot is so inane, it cannot suspend disbelief. Plotting is plodding and when at last, you glimpse the eyes of the statue, you just can't help but laugh.

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