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Keywords:   dark comedy, conspiracy, slapstick, african american, absurdism

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bthomas-18280 4 / 10

the cult stuff was good, but it was like 20% of the movie

The idea seemed fine, but the movie could have been half as long. Side stories for every character, while the only inciting action kicks in about 20 minutes before the movie ends. Dialogue is often clunky and awkward. The fact that it was in black and white seemed like a decision made after they found out the cameras weren't white balanced. There's a plot here, but it needed to be edited :/ the description of the movie is actually so little of the movie

just go to stavros' youtube channel instead :/

Reviewed by sexbadong 6 / 10

It's fine!

I watched this because I'm a big fan of Cumtown and I couldn't miss a movie with Stavros Halkias in it. He plays a cult leader who uses a small group of door-to-door salesmen to spread his influence. His performance isn't great but also isn't entirely unrealistic. He distinctly reminds me of an uncharismatic schizophrenic sleazeball I found on YouTube once, who both claimed to be Jesus and tried to prove that the world is inside-out. It's not your typical cult leader performance, as far as my exposure to cult-related films goes, but Stav's performance does fit. He has his great moments.

The rest of the movie is serviceable, and I found most of the jokes funny. The whole thing felt pretty simple and very utilitarian, with no remarkable cinematography, a handful of good sight gags, and one bit of editing that stood out to me (in the "my boss is too busy to talk with you" bit).

The actors generally do a fine job, and some of them have great chemistry together, but I didn't realize until the movie was over that any of them were also comedians. Having looked them up afterward, I feel like there was a lot of wasted potential in this movie. I don't know how good they all are at standup, but I figure they've gotta be more lively and charismatic than they are here. The movie is pretty down-to-earth when I feel like it could go crazy and be more memorable if it relied more on improv and other input from its cast. But maybe it did, and the lead actors still ended up creating something that feels pretty conventional anyway.

If you're interested in Salesmen, it's probably because you recognize at least one of the comedians listed among its cast. If that's the case, then I'd recommend giving it a peek. It probably won't be as exciting as their standup routines, but it still tells a fun story with a handful of good jokes. It's fine!

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