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Mandela Van Peebles as Sweet Tooth
Laila Odom as Sandra 'Pepa' Denton
Arnold Pinnock as John P. Edmunds
Cleveland Berto as Hurby Azor / Steve Azor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 4 / 10

i might as well...

Admit that i saw this film to its enticing title salt and pepa, knowing the vixen song ''push it'' must be in there, some of the best 80'sh disco rythmic kinda ecstasy at a time when i still spun the dancefloor at the local clubs.

but was i impressed with what i saw, no not at all, the song was there in some pretty nice layouts including the original, along with other selfcarpentered hip hop that may chill the hearts of todays youth. so i give a 6 for the musical score.

acting are the sugar sweet american television ,black neighbourhood with twinkling large neclaces and to the fingertips makeupstyled actors that are just from mediocre to average in their job.

productionwise its a good visual product but the sound quality are ready for the bin in the corner, especially in the dialouges, everybody is like living in a box, sounding like talking in a yougurt can with a fishing line to the its a damaging execution that shouldve been refurbished before release. 1 for sound and 6 for filmo.

that should give a total of 4 from the ''word up'''ed grumpy old man. a small recommend for the hiphoppers.

Reviewed by MovieCriticOnline 1 / 10

Embarrassingly bad..

There have really only been two authentic hip hop movies. Beat Street and Wild Style. Since then, it's been Hollywood cookie-cutter formulas trying to "get" a world they just don't know anything about.

From the awful cast to the story. It was just ridiculous. Then again, what do you expect from Lifetime movies? They tried to go legit by hiring Mario van Peeples, but that guy has zero street credibility. He takes the romantic vision of what street life is about rather than an authentic one.

Other than this being a female rap group did the story really need to be told? I can only imagine it being made because of the "woke" culture we live in today where everyone is looking for "woke" stories about women, gays, trans, etc.

The writing was so on the nose. The opening is literally filled with 5-second expositions of TELLING us ABOUT a conflict, rather than SHOWING it to us.

Then they cut to a breakdancing scene in college where they literally have the worst graffiti ever saying "crack kills."

Let's ignore the terrible wardrobes (probably couldn't afford authentic 80s clothes). Sorry, flattops didn't come around until several years later, but then again, who is counting.

They literally had college students play with a Rubik's cube. That went out of style in 83, but again who is counting. I could go on and on about the awful props and set designs.

You have to ignore the shots of cars from 2019 and the clean new subway trains from the 2000s. LOL They didn't even try to make it look 80s. At some point, they must have said ahh screw it.

The acting was so sitcom'ish it was cringeworthy.

The story was literally lifted from Wikipedia or some behind the Band episode on VH1. A name dropped every 4 seconds. "Marley Marl" "The Roxy" "Doug E Fresh" and the name dropping went on and on to gain "street cred." They tried to stuff the hip hop encyclopedia

Why is Hurby wearing an 84 Thriller jacket in 85? Just didn't happen. And Salt & Pepa wore their 89 outfits in 85. And apparently, every 80s rapper and comedian worked at the same telemarketing company.

It would have been more interesting and realistic if they dealt with some of their sexuality which isn't covered here. Everything was so staged and phony. The breakin' moves weren't even invented until the 2000s. I could spend hours pulling everything apart of how off everything way.

Obviously, this was NOT shot in New York, which is yet another strike against the film. The scene in "Harlem" literally had NO buildings around it, unlike the real NYC. Then there was a scene that was supposed to take place at Danceteria in NYC. They really just got some corporate bank lobby to shoot at because Danceteria was a rundown building you had to take an elevator to get up to the club, which was several floors.

Everything was every awful stereotype. They literally got a Taxi from the 70s to drive by and 3 seconds before it was a taxi from the 2000s.

You can skip this...

Reviewed by fmatt-88980 5 / 10

Salt n Pepa needs a little more spice!

This interesting look into the life and times of one of the 80s good but not great hip-hop duos comes off a bit amateurish. Considering the experience level of director Mario Van Peebles, this formulaic approach was missing a professional touch. The decision to place unknown and untested actors in starring roles might save the budget, but it insures that this style of film making will stay on the Lifetime channel where there is a ton of time to fill and nor enough original product. Black women viewers deserve better. I hope Queen Latifah's acting chops keep going up because this nonepic dioes nothing for her as a producer.

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