Samurai Cat


Comedy / History

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Seth_Rogue_One 5 / 10

Not quite what I expected with a title like Samurai Cat

When I heard the title 'Samurai Cat' I thought that this could be some good cheesy entertainment with a cat kicking some ass.

That was however NOT this movie, the cat is just a regular cat, perhaps 'The Samurai and the cat' would be a more fitting title cause there is a Samurai who takes care of the cat.

Although the samurai does not kick a lot of ass in the movie either, anyways it's an adoption of a TV series from what I understand, I haven't seen that so I can't common whether or not it's true to the series or whatever.

So yeah although it has okay acting (except for the cat who looks very uncomfortable when he supposedly looks peaceful according to the characters) and cute cats it doesn't really make much of an impact.

Not really sure who the movie is supposed to be directed towards, it's a little too slow to keep a child's patience I imagine and probably a little too silly for most adults.

Reviewed by solomon1121 10 / 10

Quite Amusing

Anyone who rates this show with a low score doesn't have any appreciation for its subtle humor. I have really enjoyed the fun plot, the characters and yes, the mellow cat. Even the scary face of the lead actor and the song he sings to himself are amusing. He has perfect features for the role. Enjoyable cinamatography, cute characters. So nice to find some light entertainment that isn't hostile, violent, demoralizing, stressful and toxic. Americans have to seek out foreign shows like this to find emotionally healthy programming. Relax, don't expect a true samurai show and you can have fun with this.

Reviewed by pathofthesword 4 / 10


What started as an amusing jidaigeki ended like a cat person's vanity-project to show the World how cuddly a cat is and how the characters go crazy over them. Sigh...

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