San Franpsycho


Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 2.5 10 691

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Joe Estevez as Detective Bill Culp
Todd Bridges as Officer Eckersley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by starla51792 1 / 10

san fran--crap

go get your camcorder, your little brother, and the disturbing neighbor next door who throws boiling water on raccoons; and you got yourself a film! well, that's what these guys thought anyway. it was so bad i can't even remember the majority of it except for flashbacks comparable to someone who toured in 'Nam. despite the really corny title, the horrible quality, the terrible actors, and the cliché writing, i think this movie isn't the worst i've ever seen. i'm saving that slot for everything with steven seagal, chuck norris and jean-claude van dam. anyhow, if you are out of options when it comes to finding new "horror" films that you haven't seen 1,000 times already, (as i was) and you are debating this one, i would still skip this. it had absolutely no redeeming qualities. this mock serial killer thriller was a weak, puny attempt at an even B film. if they're really lucky it might make the wal-mart $4.50 bin. but, i highly doubt it.

Reviewed by frankcontreras4 9 / 10

Entertaining indi thriller

Direct to video movies are usually pretty lame, but I was pleasantly surprised by this picture. I loved the title when I saw it at my local Hollywood video store, so I picked it up. I read the back and it sounded interesting. So I rented it. I wasn't expecting much, because as I said earlier, most direct to video movies are lame. The movie had me entertained throughout. I thought the killer was actually very believable. I don't know about everyone else, but in my opinion a huge hulking man overpowering another person and taking their life is much more believable than some tiny old guy or some skinny little dude that they usually portray as serial killers in movies. I'll put it to you like this, if I ran into this killer in a dark alley, I'd be pretty friggin scared. Anyway, on with the review. You can read the synopsis to know what the story's about, so I'll just tell you that it was a good late night popcorn flick. And I don't think it was trying to be anything more. I enjoyed it and my wife enjoyed it. It had good acting. Especially by Joe Estevez and the Killer. I thought the music was good. It had that sort of industrial Nine Inch Nails vibe to it and the ending was cool. Not your typical Hollywood type ending. Really good for an independent release. It had me wondering how good these filmmakers could do with a budget in the millions. All in all, I liked it enough to add it to my collection of horror movies. Trust me, rent it, sit back and enjoy yourself.

Reviewed by richel-3 1 / 10


This is one of the most laughably bad films I've ever seen. I cannot believe whoever wrote the review above was serious. Perhaps he was connected with making it. It doesn't have anything going for it. There is no suspense, the acting is dire, the direction hopeless. The music score (?) is three trite notes played ad nauseam. The plot (?) must have taken all of five minutes to write. The dialogue is what a 10-year-old would come up with if asked to do a homework project. The only (slightly) redeeming feature is the actor playing the psycho himself, who grimaces, trembles and gurns magnificently and thus is amusing at times. The only reason you would be on the edge of your seat would be if you were suffering from a weak bladder. Don't waste your time.

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