Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour


Action / Adventure / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
IMDb Rating 3.8 10 704

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by arotan-2 7 / 10

Nice job!

We had seen the commercials for this movie on Nickelodeon, and my 11-year-old son thought it looked good and wanted to see it. I was curious after reading that the movie was shot on DVCProHD format and was apparently a low-budget family affair. I too have been a part of such productions, and I wanted to see how a movie like this fared on the big screen. I took my son and two of his friends-- 3 boys, ages 11, 11, and 10. They loved the movie! Walking out of the theatre, they were amazed, talking about their favorite parts, and how scary it was. Sure, some critics have lambasted it. But it was a hit with the target tween audience I saw it with. It's a very enjoyable mystery involving the paranormal, set up in a way that's complex but followable (maybe a bit too complex? I thought so at first, but in retrospect it all worked-- complexity just means you have to pay attention and engage your brain-- is that a bad thing?) and it has a logic that holds up and pays off in a satisfying way in the end. I believe the cause of the negative reactions in some of the other commenters here, as well as those of the professional critics, could be that in an intelligent story like this, much of the exposition and key plot points must be conveyed through dialogue and acting, and the subtleties of the acting craft are crucial. But, when you're on a budget, really good, experienced actors are hard to come by. But like I said, any sub-par acting didn't hinder my son's enjoyment of the film. He and his friends were not comparing it to Harry Potter, or any other film for that matter. The lead actress was very good. It's no small feat to carry a movie, and she did it nicely. Directing and cinematography were fine. Nothing screamed low-budget, and any noticeable differences in the "look" of the movie due to the DVCProHD format were not problematic, and really no more extensive than, say, 16mm blown up to 35mm. Of course, the kids (again, the target audience) didn't know the difference. There was a little graininess in a couple of dark interior scenes-- be we've all seen that in shot-on-film horror movies, so it didn't detract. Overall, a good job, and I applaud the filmmakers and distributor for taking the chance and bringing this movie to the big screen.

Reviewed by moldyqueso 1 / 10

Not one person can act!

Contains some spoilers, though there isn't much to spoil!

The story takes place in Pine Creek, where Sarah Landon visits a friend's home, Megan, who has recently past. After having mysterious car trouble, Sarah is forced to stay perhaps longer than she wanted to. Circumstance leads her to an old childhood friend, Matt, and a town legend involving Matt's brother, David, which is the main backdrop for this film.

A car accident occurred thirteen years earlier that claimed the life of one of the town's young sports stars. The grieved father claimed that he would seek his revenge against the victim by killing her son, David, on his 21st birthday. The angry father then dies, but appears in ghostly form from time to time causing David's mother to have a nervous breakdown. David burrows into seclusion, researching paranormal phenomenon in hopes he can prevent this ominous act from happening. Sarah, with the help of David's brother Matt, try to help David thwart the inevitable.

I saw this film merely from the perspective of a parent hoping for a decent movie to take his child to. My daughter is still very young and can't see anything too scary. The moment this film started, I was left with an overwhelming and uncontrollable realization...the acting is terrible! I'm not one to notice bad acting, unless it is lousy. Also, the story didn't make any sense. If you're that upset about a loss of a child, are you going to wait 13 years before you seek vengeance? The cinematography, background scenes, transitions and character framing all looked decent enough.

It looks like this film was written, produced, directed and starring all family members which is great, but they are not actors. This movie would've been a hard thing to watch if it was a made-for-TV movie. The fact that this made it to theatrical release is quite sad. The scariest part I found about the movie, was when they said "Little did I know, that this was only the beginning," as this is the first movie planning for a series. Overall, very little entertainment value no matter what the age group and a waste of time and money.

Reviewed by kwright-25 1 / 10

Very Disappointing

We were truly disappointed with this film. Our expectations weren't high. We were just looking for something to see with our nine year old daughter. Frankly, it fell short of the quality of one of the old ABC after school specials. We certainly didn't have high expectations While the plot had some possibilities, the acting was laughably bad. This was especially true of Brian Comrie who played David Baker. My nine year old daughter said that it was the worst movie she had every seen. The only redeeming quality was that it was bad enough to be somewhat funny. If you are a teen/tween and you want to see a movie that you and your friends can laugh at then consider this one. Otherwise, save your money and see something else.

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