Sarah T. - Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic



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Verna Bloom as Jean Hodges
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Larry Hagman as Jerry Travis
Laurette Spang as Nancy
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Reviewed by moonspinner55 7 / 10

"He's not my father! He's just someone you sleep with!"

New stepfather, new school, new boyfriend (Mark Hamill, pre-Luke Skywalker) proves to be all too much for troubled high schooler Sarah Travis (Linda Blair), who hits the bottle hard. TV-drama goes over the top in places, but is otherwise a sensitive and moving portrait, not too campy. Best scenes have Sarah T. scheming to get her precious booze (she has the liquor store deliver it while "mom" is in the shower), or trying to steal vodka from a corner store. Made in the day when movies attempted to teach younger viewers a life lesson; I don't know if that worked, but "Sarah T." is a pretty realistic depiction of teen angst. Blair is letter-perfect in the lead, conveying all the tangible insecurities of this awkward age. Was there any other teenage actress in the 1970s who was this good at being this tortured?

Reviewed by chantal_arsenault 10 / 10

Sarah T.-Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic, I Absolutely loved this movie

Please make this movie available to the public either by vhs or DVD it is one of the most memorable movies I have seen in my life !!!! Linda Blair is Amazing in it. This movie has haunted me for 20 years, I never knew the name of this movie until the internet came along. Now I have been in a mad frenzy to find this movie somewhere. Please, Please make it available. I have to have this movie. It is a Classic.

Reviewed by dgordon-1 10 / 10

Classic made-for-TV movie!

They just don't make made-for-tv movies like they did in the '70s! This is one of my favourite tv movies from that era. Linda Blair plays her character flawless, and makes her role believable. Although it hasn't been on TV for over 10 years now, it's a movie that is a memorable one. It follows the trials and tribulations of a girl that just wants to fit in to her new surroundings, family situation, and school. The two scenes that stick out in my mind are: 1. Linda Blair singing "It's too late"(Carole King),2. Her AA councillor mentioning that alcohol gives at the beginning, then starts taking away from your life. I have never forgot that statement! It would be nice if this movie was available on VHS/DVD, because it is one of Linda Blair's best movies

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