Satan's Blood

1978 [SPANISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 6 / 10

Bring the sleaze!

Known in Spain as Escalofrio, this movie is exactly what you're hunting for if what you want to see is late 70's swingers stuck in a slowly going mad miasma of sexual depravity and Satanic hijinks. Go figure - that's always exactly what I'm looking for in a movie!

Finally free from Francisco Franco's repressed rule, Spanish filmmakers went nuts and made movie like, well, this one. Blame Carlos Puerto and Juan Piquer Simon (that magical lunatic who made Pieces and Slugs).

A young couple decides to see the city with their dog - they go get coffee and see Star Wars - and then meet up with another couple who live in a foreboding estate. Hey, it's 1978 and the world is ending pretty much, so let's see what happens next.

A big storm kicks in, the dog starts howling, it turns out that one of the girls used to sleep with the other girl's brother and that one of the guys just nearly killed himself. And oh yeah - there's a weird porcelain doll watching it all go down in front of the fire.

After dinner, they break out the black candles, the jazz cigarettes and the Ouija board - as you do - and things get weird.

Andy and Anna, the protagonist couple (I guess) decide that this would be a good time to head off to bed, but are awakened by loud noises and then a man in a black robe tries to attack Anna (keep in mind, every review I found online can't agree as to the names of the couples, so let's assume the other couple's names are Bruno and Thelma).

Andy and Anna try to leave, but it's too late - they keep getting pulled back to the house. So why not have a fourway romp on the pentagram rug with the hosts? Man, Spain was swinging in 1978!

Bruno, if that's really his name, is played by Angel Aranda, who was in The Hellbenders. Ana is played by Mariana Karr, who went on to be in several Spanish soap operas. And that's probably the only people you'd know, to be honest.

It doesn't matter. This movie promises Satan, sin and sex and it delivers. I mean, it starts with a bunch of hooded worshippers all over a girl before they stab her with a big ceremonial blade. Some prints even start with a professor warning viewers of the dangers of Satanism! Wow!

Yes - the dog gets killed and eaten. I hate to be the one to tell you.

But hey - this is like 80 plus minutes long, the perfect length, and a real crowd pleaser. That is - if your crowd are all maniacs like me.

This was released by Mondo Macabro and Scorpion, but it's out of print and commands high prices. Look for it at a used store, because trust me, you want this movie in your collection.

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10

Prince of Fornication? Father of Incest??

Throughout my many years as an avid horror fanatic, I encountered numerous movies dealing with devil worshipers & satanic cults, and therefore I also assumed I had already heard every name, title and form of address for the "character" of Satan. Wrong again, because in this underrated gem of 70's Spanish horror, there's a scene in which the speaker summons good 'ol Lucifer using a whole bunch of new, hugely offensive and exhilarating names, including Prince of Fornication, Master of Hate, Serpent of Genesis, Prince of Necrophilia, Father of Incest and High Master of the Black Arts. Other than being a surprisingly eloquent film, "Satan's Blood" is an atmospheric and ultra-sleazy highlight of European (more particularly Spanish) cult cinema. The plot is obviously simplistic and severely lacking logic as well as plausibility, but the film offers a continuous spitfire of eerie images, nudity that is simultaneously erotic and gratuitous, gore and genuinely morbid scenery. When the young newlyweds Andres and Ana are bored to death on a regular Saturday afternoon, they decide to take their dog out for a drive in the city. Waiting at a stoplight they're contacted by another couple of whom the husband claims to know Andres from high school, even though the latter doesn't remember him at all. Andres and Ana reluctantly follow the couple to their secluded mansion in the countryside where they all join in sinister Ouija-board games, dangerous acts of seduction, a bit of inappropriate cannibalism and – of course – some good old satanic orgies. The couple behaves increasingly mysterious and obtrusive, but a heavy thunderstorm and car trouble prevent Andres & Ana from leaving. And even when they manage to get out of the house, they appear to have entered an inescapable spiral of satanic evil. "Satan's Blood" is an above average; I even daresay GOOD film despite the occasionally tedious moments and the overload of sex footage that constantly interrupts the suspense. A handful of sequences are downright creepy, notably the ones with the uncanny porcelain doll, and the fate of poor pretty Blackie is truly harrowing. The last 5 to 10 minutes are really terrific, full of gore and loaded with disturbance, repulsiveness and shock value. Massive recommendation for fans of 70's exploitation or Euro-cult horror in general.

On a slightly less important note, the DVD version of "Satan's Blood" I watched even provides a bit of hilarity, as the subtitle track was clearly handled very unprofessionally. Sometimes there are English subtitles without there even are dialogs and most of the time the translations are just indisputably incorrect. For example, Andres clearly states he works as a mechanic but at the same time the subtitles claim he's a lawyer.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 8 / 10

Amusing Spanish sleaze horror.

"Escalofrio", a.k.a. "Don't Panic", a.k.a. "Satan's Blood" was made at a time in Spain when ratings restrictions had become more lax, so filmmakers were quick to capitalize on this. While this particular movie never received an American theatrical release, it did get released on tape under those alternate titles. Now we can enjoy it on DVD for the shameless smut it is. It's spiced up with so much delectable nudity and sex (including one memorable moment of group sex!) that a trash fan can't help but like it, and its writing is so insane as to be delicious.

A couple named Andres (Jose Maria Guillen) and Ana (Mariana Karr) are on an outing, with their dog in tow, when a stranger, Bruno (Angel Aranda) and his wife Berta (Sandra Alberti) confront them, Bruno claiming that they're old college buddies. Despite the fact that Andres just can't remember Bruno, and that his memories don't jibe with Bruno's, he and Ana willingly go along with Bruno and Berta to their isolated country mansion, where matters of the occult, including the use of a ouija board, await them.

"Satan's Blood" will have the viewer likely laughing in appreciation, at least if they are anything like this viewer. It's just such a hoot, with some graphic bits of violent business, a respectably creepy enough atmosphere, and good music by Librado Pastor. The little doll is a good touch. The movie is mainly worth watching for all the bare skin; one bathroom scene is fun to watch, and Alberti *literally* has a smoking hot body in this thing. From start to finish, this is endlessly entertaining stuff, with oddball characters on the fringes of the action, such as a would be rapist, an ominous gate keeper, and a suspicious doctor.

Andres and Ana act like so many other dumb horror movie characters, refraining from getting out while the getting is good, which may infuriate some people watching, but for others, seeing these two dolts just stick around and stick around becomes repetitive enough to be a riot. Fans of Euro trash horror are well advised to give this one a look.

Trivia note: Juan Piquer Simon, the man who gave us such classics as "Pieces" and "Slugs", is the art director, executive producer, and (uncredited) co-director. While watching, keep an eye out for a poster of "Star Wars"!

Eight out of 10.

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