Scare Attraction


Comedy / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

Pointless and boring...

Granted, I hadn't even heard about this 2019 movie titled "Scare Attraction" from writer and director Steven M. Smith until I happened to stumble upon it in 2020. The movie's cover definitely looked interesting and with it being a horror movie, of course I had to sit down and watch it.

I made it maybe 20-25 minutes into the ordeal that is known as "Scare Attraction", then I simply had enough boredom for one day.

First of all, a great part of the movie was shot with very questionable and shoddy camera work, which felt like something shot by an amateur - sort of like a drunk uncle filming a wedding. It just was awful to watch. And it didn't help much that the characters were pointless and uninteresting, not to mention the storyline was simply put just boredom.

The dialogue delivered by the actors and actresses was actually as pointless and boring as the characters that were doing the dialogue. Not the fault of the actors or actresses, believe you me, because they simply had no material to work with in any way.

"Scare Attraction" utterly failed to entertain me, much less catch and keep my attention and interest. And I can honestly say that this is not a movie I will be returning to a second time to finish watching the rest of the movie. Why? Because I simply have absolutely no interest in the movie whatsoever.

I am rating "Scare Attracting" a generous two out of ten stars.

Reviewed by haskel-72951 1 / 10

Just no

This is.....horrible. There is not a single redeeming thing here. Trash. Complete and utter trash.

Reviewed by JasonSmithRoberts 10 / 10


Scare Attraction is the latest film from Director Steven M. Smith. The film revolves around a pair of reality TV Stars who attend a Halloween scare attraction. Reminiscent of Saw and Escape Room,Scare Attraction has a little wink and nod to these two classics but without any of the substance beyond that. The film is worth a watch.

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