Scary or Die



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Corbin Bleu as Emmett
Alpha Takahashi as Front Desk Clerk
Andrew Caldwell as Bill Blotto
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Swacs-Man 5 / 10

One hit, four misses...

I generally love horror anthologies but this one is rarely worth your time. Only one of the five segments deserves mention, the longest one, Clowned. The other four, while not really terrible given the films very low budget, doesn't really stand out and are almost never scary or original.

Usually, these types of films comes with a wrap-around sequence which makes the whole mess coherent, but this one opted not to give us that satisfaction.

I'll still watch any horror anthology I can get my hands on, because if one of the segments aren't satisfying, it's pretty fast on to the next one. Same goes here, where, besides aforementioned Clowned, no segment is longer than 15 minutes. And I'm glad they weren't.

Reviewed by adam-1894 7 / 10

A Decent Horror Anthology

Although not entirely original at parts, Scary or Die is a modern "Vault of Horror" or "Trilogy of Terror." We are presented with five tales of the macabre as a zombie clicks on the clips on a you-tube like site.

The Crossing: When three Mexican hating rednecks murder two innocent Latino men at their dump site, they are punished three-fold.

Tajeum Lament: A Japanese man who recently lost his wife saves a woman who looks similar to her. She convinces him to meet her for a night and it's going to be a night to remember.

RE-Membered: A man with a body in his truck is pulled over by a policeman, he's about to let him go when he hears a rattling in the trunk. We've all seen it before.

Clowned - A young man is bitten by an evil clown that eats children. He begins a metamorphism into the same creature that attacked him.

Love Come Back: You can already guess what happens in this revenge story.

I give it a C because although it's entertaining, sometimes it's way too predictable.

Reviewed by facebook-524-719286 5 / 10


Harks back to the days of the Horror anthologies such as Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the dark side.

The stories twists are rather predictable, in keeping with the anthologies of old, pretty shallow, lacking in substance and explanation.

There are one or two moments that make you wince slightly, but that's it, without them this would be the stuff TV Horror is made of.

Initially I thought it was a collection of short films strung together, until the cast started crossing over from one story to the next.

Watchable, but not worth dedicating your movie night to.

To be fair, if you are looking for a scare, I'd look elsewhere.

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