Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 86%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 60%
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Paul Bartel as Dr. Mo Van De Kamp
Ray Sharkey as Frank
Allan Glaser as Dinner Guest
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevendeacy 6 / 10

Let Me Take Care of That Sweet Tooth, Clare.

This film showcases so much talent from actors and performers that have now passed into Hollywood Valhalla: Paul Bartel, Ray Sharkey, and tragically, Rebecca Schaeffer who died at the tender age of 21, and would probably have blossomed into a graceful and beautiful actor. The cast is unlikely, however they work well together and seem to have fun doing it. There is harmony and refinement as they interact, making it seem as a dance. The make-out scene with Jacqueline Bisset, Ray Sharkey and a chocolate cake is passionate and sexy. Wallace Shawn is smug and manipulative as a troubled gynecologist. Arnetia Walker is a show stealer as the former porn star wife of a self-deluded playwright played by Ed Begley Jr.. Edith Diaz plays Rosa, the Aztec-descended maid who spouts the meaning of life with a cultural twist and, according to Beltran's character, has a dustpan loose. Then there is Darren the West Highland White starring as Bo-Jangles, the terrier with an affinity for black women. The scenes are well edited, and not the least bit clunky or contrived. I don't think this is Paul Bartel's best film, but certainly it has its moments. A must see for anyone interested in off-color sexy films. Paul Bartel's works are certainly not voluminous, but he gets an A+ for effort on this one. Paul, I read recently, was a little disappointed with the film. It didn't live up to his expectations, and the gay relationship between Beltran and Sharkey, which Paul had said he wanted to bring out more, is minimally, but expertly alluded. It is an amicable film, unpretentious despite its subject matter, and almost innocent in its portrayal of an elitist LA establishment. I will never turn down a screening.

Reviewed by inframan 10 / 10

An under-appreciated gem

This movie is outrageous, funny, ribald, sophisticated & hits the bullseye where 99 % of Hollywood movies don't even make the target. Paul Bartel should be recognized as one of the great directors of this or any era. He's the American Renoir & Bunuel _ combined!!! Glad I have the videodisc.

Reviewed by moonvine27 10 / 10

whip smart satire

One of the unsung gems of the 1980's, Scenes... features razor-sharp satire and outstanding performances from Arnetia Walker (how did she not get a ton of roles after this?)and Wallace Shawn. It's a delicious send-up of class warfare and the people in those classes. The writing is hilarious and the characters, while not subtle, are nuanced. And, sorry, but the Asian gangs (if you can call one Japanese guy extorting one of the other characters a "gang") were not put in for "sociological value" as another review implies they should been. The value here lies in what the movie is making fun of and in the sparklingly wicked way it does it. I found it creative, funny, and idiosyncratic.

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