Scenes of the Crime


Action / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1885

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Brian Goodman as Trevor
Mizuo Peck as Sharon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rob-236 6 / 10

Lazy ending to a good crime caper

This captivating little film obviously benefits by the great performances of the three male leads - Bridges, Abrahams and Wyle.

A mob boss' driver (Abrahams) accidentally gets mixed up in much more than he bargained and prepared for when a rival mob boss (Bridges) is kidnapped by his associate (Peter Greene) and bundled into the back of his van.

A very stagy film, with a very TV feel to it, its basically all shot in one location throughout but still manages to hold the viewers attention.

Only one negative, and its a big one - the ending. Just as the story seems as though its changing direction and gathering pace it ends abruptly, which spoils the film and leaves the viewer feeling cheated having to make do with the conclusion of the story and its characters hastily captioned on screen. Such a shame because an extra 15 mins of action instead of 15 seconds of words could have made this film a real find.

Reviewed by olp-15-614389 5 / 10

A beautifully made film and no more

So what struck me the most about this film is the early morning light that was present throughout. It has that relaxing start-of-the-day feeling that compliments the low-key pace of the story and lack of action in what could have been a pretty brutal film. All the colors are muted as well, the sound track stays in the background, costumes are first-rate, interiors are high-end but restrained, and there are few wild interactions between any of the characters. Moderation in all things, suggesting a reality not based on everyday lives, but of a set of people operating in a parallel world not connected to our own.

Then there's the story. At several points, the Universe screams to a character to just walk away from all this and you'll be fine. The longer you stay the more trouble you're getting in to. It's "don't go down the basement," and what do they do? They go down the basement, of course (in the figurative sense). The ending? That is to say, That's it? The only thing the ending added was a change in style. For the first time, we saw a bright, sunny day with shadows and washed-out colors, perhaps to suggest going back to the normal world. But the actual ending. Gosh, there could have been so much more.

Good acting, good production, but the resolution is for the birds. When the main plot problem is resolved, and you'll know when it is, you can stop watching.

Reviewed by Pursewarden 6 / 10

Entertaining but Predictable

To begin lets say that the title is a little deceptive, it leads you to believe it's going to be a kind of CSI movie, but really is the kind of mob face to face movie that would have worked better under the pen of David Mamet (Heist) or even the Cohens (Miller's Crossing).

Acting is good (it should since there's not much action in the movie), but the main problem would be that you can see the ending comming since almost the beginning (SPOILER* Since you see the old man paying two hundred dollars to the painters).

Not withstanding, the movie unfolds gracefully (good rythm, good dialogues), maybe boring for some that don't like characters under stress studies.

A solid 6.

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