Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 2542

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Michelle Phillips as Ann Carter
Ronny Cox as Dr. Stephan Carter
Steve Railsback as Alex Morgan / Cole Morgan
Kelly Noonan as Young Angie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pnay75-1 8 / 10

Well-honed scissors

I first saw "Scissors" some ten years ago, and I had kept some memories of it when I saw it again on tv. It fulfilled my expectations, as I remembered it as rather interesting, though somewhat far-fetched.

Several reviewers have wondered about the necessity of showing Sharon Stone's beautiful bare breasts. I think it signifies that, though she reacts frigidly to men's advances, her sexuality is nevertheless present and no longer repressed when she is alone. Most writers rightly stress the excellency of the impersonation of Sharon Stone, on her (delayed)way to stardom. However I should like to point out that Steve Railsback, a very underrated actor, is quite remarkable too in the dual role of the neighboring twins. I think the film is worth a 8.

Reviewed by rndgurl 6 / 10

Flawed Film, but interesting

Possible Spoilers I saw this movie several years after "Basic Instinct" came out, and this movie, although it has its flaws is interesting. It is intriguing to watch Ms Stone play a sweet, shy child woman as opposed to a sexy killer as in Basic Instinct. The apartment she is trapped in is very curious and weird, the setting keeps you wondering what will happen next. The script could have been better and the plot should have been "filled out" a bit, but overall this is a very strange and intriguing flick that stays with you. This movie is currently showing a lot on showtime, usually late at night, I would say that this flick is the perfect "late night" flick to catch on the cable.

Reviewed by decoy 10 / 10

In my mind, the best Sharon Stone movie yet...

In Scissors, Sharon Stone builds a very believable picture of a young woman whose mental health begins to shatter while trapped in a penthouse apartment of her shrink. The role is difficult and Stone pulls it off wonderfully. I think this is the one movie in which she really gets to display her talent as an actress. It is truly amazing that this little gem has never got more attention - as a thriller, it's almost in the same series as the old Hitchcock movies...

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