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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
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Jennifer Tilly as Talbot
Faye Dunaway as Thais
Patrick Warburton as Balford
Luke Perry as Ray Ray
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lee_eisenberg 9 / 10

Bonnie Parker meets Darth Vader's voice meets Marcus Brody in Louisiana's steamy backwoods

Faye Dunaway, James Earl Jones and Denholm Elliott have starred in a number of famous movies, so it might surprise you to learn that they co-starred in the little known "Scorchers". Set in rural Louisiana, the movie has the feeling of a play (and is in fact based on director David Beaird's 1985 play of the same title). It depicts two stories happening at the same time: the aftermath of a wedding, and a discussion in a bar.

While the events at the wedding get treated as the main story, the events in the bar are the most profound. Faye Dunaway's prostitute is the sort of person who's never afraid to say what she thinks, no matter how intense the situation. The complexity of her character - as well as the complexity of the characters played by James Earl Jones and Denholm Elliott - make this one perceptive movie. It's not a masterpiece, but still deeper than most movies that I've seen. I recommend it. I mean, how often do we get to hear the Cajun dialect spoken in the movie, or hear zydeco?

As for Faye Dunaway's awarding of Best Picture at the Academy Awards last year, it wasn't her or Warren Beatty's fault, and they awarded again this year with everything going smoothly. Fine actress.

Reviewed by artwk 1 / 10

Bad is an understatement

I began to watch this movie after taping it on TV, and was simply astounded. The producers have performed a miracle, by somehow persuading talented and famous actors to take part in a piece of trash that would be jeered off the stage if written and presented by a group of retarded amateurs.

The long opening monologue was tedious, but it came as a surprise that it had no bearing on anything that followed. I admit that I didn't watch every scene and hear every word, as I was often forced to fast-forward by the long-winded and feeble dialogue. Even then, the bedroom scenes appeared to go forever.

My heart went out to the actors, who must surely have been painfully embarrassed. Presumablt y they signed a contract before they saw the script, if one could call it a script. But like true professionals (at least the four or five who could act) they slugged on to the end.

To sum up, it was like 1920's slapstick without the wit. In fact maybe it would be less tedious if it were screened without the sound. My advice: dodge this one and hire "Pass the Ammo."

Reviewed by Le5zek 9 / 10

Highly underrated

I watched today this movie having real pleasure. I have never seen for a long time such mixture of hilarious humor and serious drama. Once you laugh loudly, one minute later you may have tears in your eyes. Main characters are excellent, Fay as 50 years old prostitute is marvelous, James Earl Jones plays the way we did not used to - simple, not too clever bartender. I was very surprised, why this movie is so underrated, 5,5 is much too low score. But I have checked it closer and I understood. This is movie understandable for women, they give very high scores close to 9. But guys mainly do not appreciate this firm. Big mistake. I can feel some atmosphere of "Steel Magnolias" in "Scorchers".

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