Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry



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stand-up comedy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shanayneigh 6 / 10

Pretty good

The first half or so was excellent for the most part, but it runs out of steam towards the end. Still worth watching, though.

Reviewed by alexspencermunoz 9 / 10

Another Great Special

After reading the other reviews I was hesitant to watch. Luckily this was one of the funniest specials I've seen since his other one "Aren't You Embarrassed?". I definitely recommend it if you enjoy his humor. His faces and movements compliment the jokes perfectly. I laughed until it hurt!

Reviewed by apryla-58795 5 / 10

He puts his whole body into it but...

I probably like this one the least of all his specials but that doesn't mean it wasn't good. I think that it would be really funny to people who have never seen him before but to those of us who have seen his other specials this is pry at the bottom. What is wrong with people? Is my favorite.

A few seemed like he was tired or not completely all in on this one. It also seems like he is becoming a caricature of himself. He seemed to be acting how he thought people wanted him to and not how he would genuinely act nor did he come across as natural. It was almost like he got a little too confident he could pull this off without rehearsing it more-like he was winging it. His bits just weren't fully developed or thought through. He had two really good bits in this one but the rest kind of didn't quite hit the mark. He had opportunities to keep the bits going but they ended without going anywhere and I would have liked to hear him keep going on the subjects he brought up.

It's ironic that the title of this is Stay Hungry but it's never covered in his set and more importantly staying hungry is a term used to decribe staying on the grind or continually trying to work towards a goal. It implies you're not taking anything for granted...but it seemed as if he was kind of resting on his laurels in this one. He was doing bits everyone has done a million times before-air travel, emotional suppport animals, childbirth, Italian stereotypes, etc...but he brought nothing new to them. They are easy topics that any person standing around the water cooler could riff about and in fact I've heard funnier conversations about these things amongst some of my acquaintances.

He had two bits that stood out. One was a bit on being paranoid when having to stop at a mini-mart late at night for gas. I was crying I was laughing so hard at that one. He also did one other bit about having to take the car to a body shop to get work done on it. That was also really well done and hilarious.

Overall I kept waiting for him to really "bring it" like he's done in the past but this one kind of felt like he just threw a bunch of stuff together without really having worked the bits all the way through to satisfying conclusions. Even the ending did not seem to land. It was out of nowhere and caught me off guard. It sounded like he had tried with the bit...realized it wasn't landing and knew he had nothing else so he just abruptly stopped. Comedians should have the audience laughing hysterically by the end. People should leave the experience on a real high feeling good about having set aside time to come to hear the act. This one ended and I felt none of those things. If anything I felt kind of embarrassed for him. He's gotten this far and perhaps this is as good as it gets and he just can't wring anything else out of his family and his background. To be honest some parts were cringeworthy. Also I feel bad for his family. Before in his bits it seemed good-natured but in this one he seemed to be working out some real anger issues with his family. It was kind of brutal and mean-spirited.

I really like him and want to see him succeed but this got me thinking maybe he just isn't intelligent enough to keep coming up with fresh material. He has admitted that he isn't very smart and doesn't know much about most things and it doesn't sound like he is comfortable being out in the world. I think in order to be a good comedian you have to be out and about having lots of interactions otherwise what can you bring to the table?

I had been eagerly awaiting his next special so I was really expecting a big deal SO I was surprised when I kind of felt like I didn't "get my money's worth" on this one. I know not every set is gonna be a huge hit and I get that it's hard to come up with fresh material but I guess I was expecting more.

All those things don't make me like him any less. He's very funny just standing there because of his big features and the way he throws his body into everything. These are simply observations. Overall he is hilarious and this is worth a watch if you haven't seen his act before. If you have just don't expect a lot because this doesn't quite deliver.

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