Secrets of State

2008 [FRENCH]


IMDb Rating 6.4 10 3478

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Mehdi Nebbou as Ahmed
Simon Abkarian as Al Barad
Anatole Taubman as Daniel
Vahina Giocante as Diane / Lisa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes 7 / 10

Magnificent and intelligent French thriller about the restless war against terrorism

This splendid film gives an insider's view into the French anti-terrorist Agency .How traineers are recruited , besides , how terrorists are created , as each is skillfully directed to their aims . Both sides are playing a deadly chess game requering guided pieces , being controlled by nasty master minds , as they are a beautiful girl named Diane : Vahina Giocante hired by the DGSF , Direction Generale de la Securite Exteriure, to be the sexy decoy , alongside a bomber suicide called Pierre : Nicolas Duvauchelle .Each is manipulated and both of whom are drawn into a long string of twisted happenings: treason , sex , killings , bombings .. from which they seem to be incapable of getaway .They are manipulated by dark forces using the most cruel of arms : human beings .

Stunning thriller full of noisy action , thrills , terrorism , intriguing set pieces , twists , turns and being fastly-paced . However , it bears remarkable resemblance to the American movie The recruit , 2003, by Roger Donaldson with Colin Farrell and Al Pacino .The film delivers a real description of the French Service Secret , whose activity was meticulously researched and efficiently shown ; alongside a parallel story concerning about the restless terrorrism run by a powerful and wealthy Middle East man called Al Barad : Simon Abkarian . It stars Gerard Lanvin who gives a very good acting as Alex , chief of counter-terrorism unit DGSF the French equivalent of the CIA and MI6 , who will stop at nothing to get his purports. Vahina Giocante plays rightly as the female secret service operative who being a failed student is recruited for extremely dangerous missions . Nicolas Duvauchelle performs Pierre as the troubled and imprisoned young who in prison is manipulated for a cause and drawn into a chain of terrible events who thinks bring him salvation .

The movie contains an atmospheric and evocative cinematography by Jerome Almeras , being shot on location in Morocco , stands-in credibility for Afghanistan , Lebanon, Irak and Syria , places where the action actually occurs . As well as a thrilling and moving musical score by Alexandre Azaria who has composed a lot of soundtracks , usually in action genre, such as Transporter 1, 2, 3, Legacy , MSI Lockout , The red inn, Asterix and Vikings , Fanfan La Tulipe .The motion picture was compellingly directed by Philippe Haim .He is a good composer , writer , producer and director . As he has written and directed some successes , such as : in TV as Fearless , Braquo , En immersion , Crossing lines , XIII series and Cinema , such as : Barracuda and The Dalton against Lucky Luke. Rating : Better than averag . The film will appeal to action fans and French cinema aficionados.

Reviewed by Siamois 6 / 10

French attempt at a Hollywood blockbuster...

Secret défense is an interesting movie in that it combines the style of French thrillers with Hollywood mainstream elements. Even during the opening credits, the movie smacks of Tony Scott, right down to the music, which reminds of "Enemy of the State".

I have not seen previous movies from director Philippe Haïm but I sensed he could never firmly put his print on this espionage thriller despite having the best of intentions. The story is cliché but interesting enough despite quite weak dialogs, the pace is appropriate so we get to know all the characters and the tension builds slowly as the "pieces" move in this chess game of terror.

Unfortunately, there's just something missing to make us care about any of these people. Perhaps this movie could have felt more fresh had it come out in 2002 or 2003 but by now it all feels rehashed.

What saves the movie from being sub par is the avoidance of over-the-top action sequences. The movie instead focuses on the cold, calculating work done by both national security agents and terrorists alike. Both sides thrive not due to super-heroic powers (think James Bond here) but rather by a total disregard for human life. The movers and shakers on both sides manipulate their gullible and vulnerable assets into doing their dirty work. Bonus points for the gritty tone which at times might not have been possible in a Hollywood movie.

Food for thoughts: Secret Defense cost 11 million Euros. Considering a movie like "Spy Game" cost 92 million US dollars, it makes you consider Europeans still know how to get a bigger bang for the buck.

Not the most spectacular entry in the genre but worthwhile. This is not classic French cinema. This is not a Hollywood blockbuster. But if you can appreciate an unambitious and entertaining movie somewhere between the two, this might be for you.

Reviewed by robert-temple-1 9 / 10

Tense French Anti-Terrorism Thriller

It makes a difference to see it from the French point of view. After all, ten percent of the population of France are now refugees or descendants of refugees from Muslim North Africa. This film is about the French Secret Service, which has initials I can never remember, but you know the one. It portrays them as hyper-efficient, hyper-modern, ruthless and dedicated professionals who will, as Gérard Lanvin the lead actor puts it in the film, be 'patriots' who will 'do anything for my country'. And 'anything' really means, unfortunately, 'anything'. The film portrays in grim, horrifying, and fascinating detail the fantastic entrapments devised to recruit young agents in the fight against Muslim terrorism. The French call the Qaeda fanatics by their alternative name of 'Salafis' rather than 'Wahabbis'. The terrorists are portrayed in 'Damascus' and 'Afghanistan' (both actually filmed in Morocco) with extreme and convincing realism. The film is disturbing in many places, with one homosexual rape scene and several murders. I believe the horrifying footage of the dog in the glass cage who is killed by cyanide gas is a real Qaeda video. The set-ups carried out by the French secret service are so devious that they would make Machiavelli blush. The film does not have the Hollywood approach to violence, which always focuses on childish and adolescent fantasies of things crashing and exploding. Instead, the French, who are a far more sophisticated people, concentrate on what happens to people rather than the havoc wreaked to mere objects. In this, they are more straightforward. If a severed head has to be delivered in a cake box, it is delivered in a mundane ordinary manner, and it does not have to be delivered by a helicopter smashing into a skyscraper. Anyway, there are few skyscrapers in Paris, thank God. (Skyscrapers have no business existing anywhere other than New York and Shanghai.) The attitude towards the agent ('humint' to the Americans) is brazenly unfeeling. As Lanvin says: 'An agent is not a person, he is a tool.' Controllers are not allowed to treat their agents as human beings. The film features an astonishingly versatile performance by the young actress Vahina Giocante, who is tricked into becoming an agent, and who screams at Lanvin when she realizes what he has done to her that he is 'all alone'. He answers with resignation: 'Yes, I know.' The whole story is very bleak, that is, when it stops its restless pace of action long enough to allow anyone a moment to reflect. The film is really a most impressive achievement, exciting, well made, relentlessly entertaining, if you have the stomach for the grisly bits. The director, Philippe Haïm, who also wrote the story, appears from his name to be of North African descent, so perhaps he has a special feel for all of this. He has done a superb job of making a French 'blockbuster'

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