Seduction & Snacks


Comedy / Romance

IMDb Rating 9.3 10 73

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jlove006 7 / 10

Better the the book in some places.

This was cute. I appreciated that the characters weren't as abrasive as they were in the book. It got obnoxious after a while. The casting wasn't completely perfect, but I loved India as Liz. She's a great actress and endeared Liz more to me then in the book. I didn't care for the added drama, but overall the move flowed well and ended well. Great job Passionflix.

Reviewed by diamondmomma11 10 / 10

My favorite book to movie adaptation! They nailed it!!!

5 ++++++++ Stars

I absolutely love Passionflix's movie adaptation of Tara Sivec's Seduction and Snacks! I can honestly say this is by far one of my favorite book to movie adaptations to date, and that includes adaptations that went to the big screen. I would've loved to have seen Seduction and Snacks on the big screen.

The casting was spot on, I never imagined they could get a perfect Drew and Jenny but they did. And the boy who played Gavin was adorably perfect. Passionflix was able to stay true to the personalities of Tara's larger than life, quirky, hilarious and at times crude characters that so many readers fell in love with.

The town, the Seduction and Snacks shop, everything was just how I pictured it in my mind while reading the books.

Now I can't decide if I immediately want to watch it again or reread both series again.

I do believe that people who have never read the books will enjoy it too!

Bravo Tara, the S&S cast and Passionflix!

Reviewed by ssales-30393 10 / 10

Just as good as the book!!!!

That never happens with movie adaptations! This one knocked it out of the park with the cast, the screenwriting, the entire project was phenomenal!!! If you've read the books, you must watch. If you haven't read the books, you'll still love it and then read the books too because there must be sequels to this movie!!!! 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up for Seduction and Snacks and for Passionflix for a job very well done!!

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