See No Evil


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 50%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 25255

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Christina Vidal as Christine
Craig Horner as Richie
Glenn Jacobs as Jacob Goodnight
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1 hr 24 min
P/S 3 / 35

Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ilikehorrormovies 8 / 10

Didn't mind at first and now I like it

Yeah sure the story and writting is not that great but it's clean fun and the killer is like Jason but ripping victems eyes out after killing them. I haven't watch the second one but I know it's mix like people saying it's better than the first one or it's terrible but I belive this one is better. Yeah I know WWE films are not great like Leprechaun Origins (2014) or any other ones. I like this movie, it's more enjoyable than A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, Black X-Mas remake, Halloween remake, and Halloween Resurrection including part 6. I kinda don't get the hate for the film like I enjoy it and others do, I like Kane in this one like he's like Jason but he could kinda talk (I wish Kane play as Jason if WWE let him play in the Friday The 13th movie). Not the best but it's enjoyable.

Reviewed by hellholehorror 2 / 10

A lacklustre effort

This is far from original. It is a pathetic horror. It seemed obvious that they saved their entire budget for the ridiculous, over-the-top, ludicrous ending. If the whole film was like the ending then it would have been very good. The gore wasn't even that gross. There was no depth or atmosphere. A lacklustre effort. The overblown and fun ending barely improves a terrible attempt at a horror movie.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 4 / 10

Actually, there is no evil to see here...

Alright, well first of all I must admit that having a pro wrestler with a single name star in a horror slasher movie doesn't really have all that much of an appeal. However, given the fact that this is a horror and a slasher movie, then I did give the movie a chance and sat down to watch it.

Color me unimpressed...

"See No Evil" turned out to be just another average and generic slasher movie that failed to stand out in the genre. The killer was so very mundane and generic that it was almost embarrassing to watch on the screen. The Jacob Goodnight character was no Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, that's for sure. Sure, he was a massive hulk in physical size, but he was just not a memorable character, nor did he have any characteristic that you would instantly associate this character with.

It made no sense that maggots and flies came out of his head when Jacob Goodnight was wounded. Sure, it had a visual effect, but it was just not something that made sense or really justified being in the movie.

There were some good kills, in terms of brutality and ways that people were killed. Which is always a plus in a slasher movie, because that is what us fans of the slasher genre come to expect from the movies. So that was a definite bonus.

The character gallery in "See No Evil" was every bit as generic and one-dimensional as you could expect from a slasher movie. That means that you don't really connect with the characters in the movie, and you are just essentially waiting for the slasher to pick them off one by one.

If you enjoy the slasher genre, then you might find some enjoyment in "See No Evil", however you shouldn't have too much of any kind of expectation to the movie though.

I have actually seen it twice now, once when it came out in 2006 and then once again 11 years later. I watched it again in 2017 because I couldn't really remember much from the first time watching it. But it didn't turn out to be any kind of pleasant surprise.

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