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Tim Chiou as Jim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MyTooCents 10 / 10


This movie drew me in from the start and kept me captivated throughout. It is a moving and powerful story that unfolds through a conversation between two women who haven't seen each other for over ten years. I love the way their conversation flows so naturally - evolving and slowly revealing their complex emotions. We all have to come to terms with what makes us who we are and what we want our lives to look like. I grew to care about these women (portrayed by two really great actors), and the end does not disappoint.

Reviewed by chong_an 7 / 10

Fifteen years in one night

Back in college, they were a couple. 15 years after an abrupt departure, Kris and Naomi reconnect, over dinner, drinks, and a visit to the college campus. Kris has transitioned into a woman, whereas Naomi has moved from performance art to art professor. Besides keeping up on their respective lives, feelings about old times come up.

The performances are great. However, there are loose ends, mostly in how they got from one point to another, More importantly, there is a hefty loose beginning. I have trouble believing Naomi would be unemotional about her boyfriend leaving without explanation or contact, and many years later (15 is my estimate from numbers in the film) show up as a woman and say "I'm in the neighborhood, let's meet for dinner".

Reviewed by dkoltermanjp 10 / 10

Powerful and moving stroll down memory lane

A beautifully written and powerful character-driven film that starts off with Kris and Naomi, former college sweethearts, going down memory lane, but quickly veers into an emotion-packed exploration of everything that went unsaid they broke up and the divergent paths of their lives over the ensuing decade. Wonderful cinematography allows the audience to unintrusively participate in the intimacy of their reunion night where they share the ups and downs of their lives over the last decade. As the night progresses and the motivations behind, and consequences of, their breakup come to light during an impassioned argument, they are both left to deal with the truths that have finally shared and find their own paths toward closure.

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