Seeking Temporary Wife

2003 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 4 10 174

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Enchorde 1 / 10

Depressing Comedy, uhm, forget comedy by the way...

**Here may be spoilers**

You do not have to be a genius to guess the end in this one, heck, you do not have to be able to see or hear to guess it either. Yes, they... (fill it in for yourself), as in all Swedish romantic comedys. Now there, finally, is one mystery, one enigma. Romantic. No. Not at all. Comedy? Well, if you enjoy sharing the characters failed marriages, relationships and business enterprises. The story is a crusade in failures. If you enjoy that, well sure, then you may call it a comedy. I wont.

I fail to understand to why this ever got produced, and why anyone agreed to sponsor the production (I know better way to spend money, like shredding them...), they can possibly not have read the script. Because what may be even more depressing, if possible, is that crusades in despair have been done before (yeah, we Swedes are the experts, sometimes I wonder if we really want to produce some movies anyone want to actually see).

I cant fault any of the actors, they have nothing good to work with but do nothing to rise above the material.

I actually feel a little bad, to give a bad review as this (my apologies to the production crew), but I actually hope I get the message across, do not watch this. I wished I had done something else than watching this (I have had more fun at funerals, really), like scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush. The movie lacks any upsides what-so-ever.


1/10 (and now actually I'm feeling generous)

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