Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu

2013 [TELUGU]

Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.5 10 5851

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by braddugg 6 / 10

I wish it was less commercialized, it would have made a great film from a good film.

I wish it was less commercialized, it would have made a great film from a good film.

It's a good film to begin with, it kept me interested and despite the misgivings in terms of bad song placements, I liked it. I is not a a story that has a point, a proper destiny, a simple man becoming hero being someone who does something for himself and even others, it's no one man army, it's a life of a family. Father is the teacher of values, mother is the giver of food and love, sons or daughters are the heirs of values and good tastes, and that grandma is a good entertainment channel herself. Of all these, there is a girl who lives in the same house, and is extrovert and yet nice and she is none other than Sita (Anjali).

Of all the performances I like the performance of Anjali. That one scene near the end where she says "Nannu Okka Cinemaki Teesukellakapoyinaa parledu" is just a glimpse of the variation this actress is capable of. I wish, we see more of her, she has potential to become a good actress. The next best was Mahesh Babu, he has given his routine looks, similar diction of dialogues, the one liners are now known. Yet, Mahesh's expression and the enunciation, his voice modulation, make him a good actor, he is growing with each film and it's appreciated. In this film itself, Mahesh delivered comic dialogues with such an ease that there is no need for a comedian. Also, a mention of Rao Ramesh who has emulated the diction of the yesteryear's actor "Rao Gopal Rao" and has done a good job. For Venkatesh, most of the scenes are like Bread and Butter for him and has done it aptly, except that he touches his collar too many times. All others have done well too.

Now, music was a big let down, the placement of songs hampered the flow of the film itself. Cinematography was good, sound design was not so good as dubbing is low at few places. Editing should have been better, just cut out the songs and in that inconsequential chase of 'Goodu Raja', and few more scenes, and that will make this film more interesting.

I accepted the film as it is and on a whole, it's a good film nevertheless, also happy that two big actors have agreed to come together for such a script. But what I am unhappy with is the producer, who wanted to make business and that too big business in a script that can be more beautifully taken. Director has done a great job in fleshing out the script and convincing the cast for the film. But coming to his direction, he must now learn a lot and take this success forward.

A 3/5 for a good family entertainer. Watch it out for Mahesh and Anjali's performances and for the emotions that we like to follow, but indeed are not following so much. It's a bit preachy in climax, but it's OK.

Reviewed by vjnambu 1 / 10

Bad and boring

Tollywood is criticized for illogical and over the top masala films, but now also they are making bad family dramas like svsc. This movie is a about a father played by prakash raj and his sons played by venkatesh and mahesh babu. There is no idea about prakash raj's occupation so you can assume him as a retired man. Whereas both venky and mahesh are jobless. So the whole family is surviving with prakash raj's pension money. In the beginning venky is having a decent job given by his relative but he leaves because he is advised to smile and behave properly with the staff. Usually in movies unemployed guys are shown in a massy way. But mahesh's character is shown in a classy way. Director is not bothered to show what mahesh and venkatesh wants to do in their life. What is their goal and ambition? Also there is no reason why venkatesh is behaving like a jerk despite having a good family. And in the end, venkatesh gets married without getting any job. Nobody gives us a girl to marry if we don't have any job then howcome he? Director wants to give us a message that family values are important than family wealth but does that mean its okay for the sons in the family being unemployed? The biggest drawback of the film is it has no story at all. Film goes on without any purpose. Only good thing about the film is that its a clean family film without any crass jokes, skin show, item songs, violent or over the top action scenes and hero buildup which you see in regular Telugu films. Otherwise svsc is a bad and boring film.

Reviewed by jmoneyjohal 10 / 10

Real family values

SVSC is film that makes very happy, it makes me strive for a family just like seen the film. The film begins in the town of Relangi. In that town there is a man who is fondly known as "Relangi Mavayya" (uncle). The middle-class family of Relangi Mavayya has two sons known as Peddodu (elder) (Venkatesh) and Chinnodu (younger) (Mahesh Babu) and a daughter. Relangi Mavayya's sister had married a man from a rich family referred to as "Vijayawada Manushulu" and had a daughter named Seetha (Anjali). Seetha's parents passed away after her birth and she was brought to live with her uncle, Relangi Mavayya. From her childhood, Seetha sees Peddodu as her husband, but he never visibly reciprocates her feelings: always referring to her as "osey" and "yemey?"! Peddodu does not like to change himself to please others and is very introverted. Chinnodu, on the other hand, likes to make others change for himself and will fight for what is right. However, the two brothers are as close as they can be. The movie starts off with small incidents happening in the day to day life of the family that helps the viewer understand the tight knit family and its love for each of its members. Venky and Mahesh give amazing performances. A must watch for all Indian families.

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