Seinto Seiya: Tenkai-hen joso - Overture


Animation / Fantasy

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rectangular_businessman 6 / 10

So much wasted potential

In many ways, this isn't very different to the other "Saint Seiya movies", following a very similar premise and development.

Well, there are some differences, but in many ways (Like the other reviewers said) it is more of the same: A new enemy appears to conquer the Earth and Athena has to be saved again.

To be fair, this movie had some interesting elements that deserved to be taken in consideration: Like the others movies, this had a very interesting premise, with lots of potential of being something big and epic (In many ways, the whole movie feels like it were just the beginning of something much bigger, which unfortunately never happens) I liked the fact that some of the forgotten secondary characters from the series (Such as Eagle Marin) participate in the story (Though their role in this movie is brief and somewhat ambiguous) On the other side, I disliked the fact that this film focuses mostly on Seiya and Athena, with the other Bronze Saints having a very reduced and secondary role (they only appear during their respective fights against the minions of the new enemy and Hyoga and Shiryu almost doesn't have any line. And, like in the other movies Andromeda Shun has to be saved again by his brother Phoenix Ikki, but at least in this opportunity Shun is able to help his brother.) But unlike the other movies (And the original series) this film seems to have a darker and more pessimistic plot, as it were trying to be the equivalent of "The End of Evangelion" for the Saint Seiya universe.

Well, at least in this opportunity some of the new villains (Such as the Goddess Artemis and Icarus Touma) had a better character development and show some signs of personality (Unlike the flat villains from the other four movies) It must be said that while this movie solves a few of the mysteries from the original series (Such as the identity of Eagle Marin's brother) it actually manages to create a lot of new questions, which apparently are going to be left unanswered.

To get it worse, this movie ends with some kind of cliffhanger, being the last scene something ambiguous and confusing.

After all those years, and with new Saint Seiya animations being made (All of them unrelated with the story of this film) the chances of a sequel seem highly unlikely.

Maybe someday the viewers will have the chance to see a great final saga for the "Saint Seiya" anime, but meanwhile, I guess that this movie will remain as another example of what could have been.


Reviewed by mrda1981 4 / 10

A beautiful abortion of a movie, best buried and forgotten.

Lushly animated epilogue to the series (which has, thankfully, since been retconned), featuring the Saints facing off against Moon Goddess Artemis. Would have been better off without at least half an hour of its running time; and, stripped of any interesting enemies to fight, the rather creepy religious fanaticism of Seiya and co toward their goddess, Athena, is uncomfortably prominent. To top it all off, it concludes on a decidedly undecided note, leading one to lament one's lost ninety minutes. Ah, well: at least Seiya doesn't spam the crap out of his Ryu Sei Ken attack, this time, so gratitude for minor mercies, and all that...

Reviewed by donsanuk 10 / 10

Best Saint Seiya movie

I just watched Saint Seiya Asgard, Poseidon, Hades 1 2 and 3, the 3D movie, Netflix serie, and the 5 movies. With Hades chapter 1: Sanctuary, this movie is the best of all. Graphics and animation are beautiful. Finally there is an enemy with personality. There's more in fights than just repetitive skills. #SPOILERS AHEAD# Athena is more important here, as well as Seiya, but not tge other bronze Saints : this is a change, a big focus on Seiya ans Saori. There are no power ups. It's not : all the bronze Saints give their hope to Seiya, and/or Athena gives him a power up : Athena even removes the power up from Seiya. By himself, without the help of anyone or anything like a gold armor or god blood, he becomes so powerful that even Athena fears that this naked Seiya could hurt the god. This time, there's not really an ending fight as usual, it's surprising and so cool. The 4 other movies were so annoying that this one is a diamond. We don't really know what happens at the end, sad that there's no other movies after this one. 9/10 but 10 to up the stats

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