Selling Isobel


Drama / Thriller

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Alyson Stoner as Katie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phil-325-930666 9 / 10

Engrossing, heart-in-mouth viewing, and totally involving

I was a little reluctant to watch this film. From the premise, it seemed I might be subjected to a dispiriting and overly grim tale. It is a tough view, but I was very glad I saw it. The story, based on true events, of a young woman who is kidnapped and forced to be a sex slave is beautifully told, impressively performed and totally engrossing. Now get this: Isobel, played by actor Frida Farrell was the actual real-life victim of the events this film is based on. And she is sensationally good. There's also a terrific performance from Gabriel Olds – this is virtually a two-hander. It reminded me of the film Room which has a similar theme, but I found this to be better and more involving in that I got completely lost in it in that rare way that makes for a special viewing experience. (The person sitting next to me in the cinema had a beer. It wasn't until the end of the film that he realised he hadn't taken even a sip!) The film is low budget and made in a very short time. Don't worry about that – this is high octane, pure cinema. I loved it.

Reviewed by oimdb-05652 10 / 10

Inspiring, scary, thrilling and soooo impactful!

I just watched the movie in the Landmark yesterday and I'm still dealing with the feelings this movie gave me; it stirred my soul big time and oh boy do we need to awaken ourselves that this is happening everywhere in the world and under our noses here in the USA. The performance was scary, thrilling and inspiring at the same time. And then to imagine that the lead actress is the same woman... she gave a life-changing performance! Gabriel Olds was so scary and likable at the same time... which is just so confusing for me to feel that. This is a MUST watch!

Reviewed by jordan2240 4 / 10

Got me again

Came across this while browsing through Prime movies. Sounded interesting, and the now-known-to-be-inflated rating got my attention. This is based on a true story about as much as Jaws is. Yes, sex trafficking is real, but there is not way the events depicted in this movie occurred as presented. If they did, the victim was so stupid, it's hard to believe she survived into adulthood. And some of the movie is completely lacking in any sense of logic. Why would the woman escape, and rather than running out of the building, go banging on apartment doors, naturally ending up in the apartment that belongs to the man who is holding her captive (oh, and somehow end up fully clothed although she was wearing only a towel prior to the escape)? Why would the boyfriend show up at that particular apartment just at the time she is being held captive there then act like he suspected the guy who answered the door as being the bad guy? Why would the captive let one of her 'customers' put a loose plastic bag over her head, and make no attempt to remove it when she started having trouble breathing, even though her hands were completely free? And I won't even go into the big climactic end, when she had a chance through silly circumstances to kill her captive with the same shot that was supposed to kill her, but didn't do it. Just not a good film. Stupid IMDB ratings...

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