Sensitive: The Untold Story



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spiffygirl-97683 10 / 10

Excellent Documentary

This was an insightful explanation of why those who are highly sensitive may feel and act differently. It was very helpful. I hope to see more documentaries on this subject from these producers.

Reviewed by thedarkhorizon 5 / 10

Great topic but average execution - still okay-ish informative. Thanks for creating this documentary!

I think that this documentary is (hopefully) more for the NON-HSP than HSPs, although the documentary sounded a lot of times like "You can do better, we support you HSP."... and somehow I wished that this documentary was more for the ones who do not know what HSP is actually. I came across this while doing research and although I was delighted to hear some of the researchers speak on screen (I was excited to see one Ph.D. from Bamberg where I actually grew up!), but seriously: the repetitive imagery, the weird cinematography (at times), the weird sound overlays and the overall not tooooo appealing visuals were not very amusing to watch. I mean yes, it is a documentary and needs to inform, but I can't get rid of the feeling that there was used an awfully lot of stock footage. (and bad actors... sorry guys :( ).

But enough of the bad talking, I liked the structure of the narration / information and hope that this film will help a few people out there either to explain HSPs to non-HSPs or can reflect on HSP while being one themselves.

I am, personally, a HSP and still try to figure out my detailed trait-set together with introversion and attachment style to understand myself better. I somehow wished as well to have heard more research in this film about all that stuff, like how introversion connects with for example fearful-avoidant or dismissive-avoidant attachment styles WITH HSPs, but then again - this is a too specialized topic, I guess. I am happy they spoke about parenting as well and the workplace, which is a huge deal for many HSPs, I think. (I got around this by having a HSP mother and learning early in my life to follow my needs and for example work from home early on)

So: nice documentary but not the blockbuster you might expect due to advertising/visuals/trailer. But like the film said: HAVE MERCY. So I have mercy with it as well and say: good job folks! Thanks for producing this!

Reviewed by scstruever 8 / 10

End of the beginning

I like this documentary and I think it's a good step forward to getting to know HSP as a trait and learning how to live and prosper with it - for both HSP and non-HSPs.

This film touches many different aspects like family and work. It is only a superficial but important and well made documentary.

There are scientific views and also very personal views on the HSP trait from many different people around the world. If you think about the fact, that this film is a very low budget film sponsored via kickstarter one has to value the outcome.

I also like the fact that there are many different aspects to HSP and there's no one-size-fits-all. Also it is not overly emotional and spiritual stuff so there something in this film for everyone.

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