2021 [KOREAN]

Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 1764

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Bo-Gum Park as Seo Bok
Yoo Gong as Ki Heon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wartsmyname 6 / 10

Excellent Actors... but overall a bit iffy

I was looking forward to the movie because of Gong Yoo but I stayed for both him and Park Bo Gum. This is the first time I've seen Park Bo Gum's acting skills and I must say I really liked him and the way he portrays so much with such minimal expressions. The problem here is not the story line, but the way the film has been crafted, it is somehow a bit too rushed, and doesn't build up the way it could have. It needed some more depth and I can't really put my finger on it, but something is missing. I did like the film but I will not be seeing it again but I wish I could give it more stars just for Park Bo Gum, who is definitely the main star for me here. Gong Yoo is a great actor but the film didn't really give him a chance to develop his character or maybe there's just not enough there for him to portray. I wish the film was made better. I want to give it a 6.5.

Reviewed by aah-48154 10 / 10

I was surprised

Loved the movie there was something so unique about it, when i watched the trailer i thought that it's the generic type of some guy protecting a robot and then a whole hour of action scenes and then suddenly the main character changes the mission because...... i don't know it always happens just like the movie extraction BUT this movie surprised me they realy worked on their relationship so good to the point i wanted them to survive together or at least spend what is remaining if their life together even for a day , also the scenes displaying kihun pain was so beautifully done and memorable even when it was short cuts and headache, also the ending loved it the cgi was great , small question, how can Koreans only use 16m and make something like this and Hollywood use 200m and then make something trashy like wonder woman the new movie How.

Reviewed by personaljourney 10 / 10

A meaningful movie wraps in sci fi action

Let me give this 10 because they're brave enough to offer this kind of movie. For me, this is a new kind of Korean movie I've seen so far. They give a special touch of sci fi movie which not as Hollywood presents.

Not just about a sci fi action to run your adrenaline or entertain to watch, they try to touch the heart of the audiences.

They start the movie with an intense plot, get into the middle with swing the audiences' emotions then end the movie with a twist yet reasonable decision.

The acting of two main characters are truly the power of this "heavy" movie into the enjoyable one. They got you hooked and emphatized with their stories. There are no holes in the story but I expect more for some roles development and action scenes. But it could take more than 2 hours, so this should be enough.

A movie with good details, philosophical dialogues, nice CGI, proper action scenes, good timing of humor and superb acting wrap this movie into a unique one.

After watched the movie, I could't stop to think of the scenes and dialogues which somehow gave ache in my heart.

Human, life, and death. Thankful for this meaningful movie.

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