September Eleven 1683


Action / Adventure / Drama / History / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 28%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 1978

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Daniel Olbrychski as Marcin Kazimierz Katski
Jerzy Skolimowski as Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland
Alicja Bachleda as Eleanor, Duchess of Lorraine
Antonio Cupo as Charles V Duke of Lorraine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danuas 7 / 10

To like this film, you must understand it first!

I will give it 6/10. Why? Well its not for the acting, not the effects, well not even for the story! Lets first define that is was a low budget movie, 13 mil dollars is not much for a movie now a days. It also took them 10 years to raise the movie so obviously its been difficult.

It is incredible that there has been no movie made from this event which is maybe the most important historical event in the history of Europe, maybe even Christianity. Why? We have seen movies about the crusades (Kingdom of Heaven and the knight templar). But in the end they are all subject to political correctness. I fact these very films I just mention is filled with it. Stamping on Christianity, nationalism, Europe while glorifying the amazing peaceful muslims (trust me I don't defend the crusades, who does!) If we were to make a high budget film of the Battle of Vienna I know the outcome and it makes me vomit.

So this is why the film is so great. It actually portrays a more "accurate" setting and finally glorify Christianity just a little bit! For once a film in this category and time setting is free from political correctness and "halal-hornyness" No! its a 7/10!

Now this movie has some pointers I found with my "mindset". These are just ideas and I cant base it on much. But if im right and you will decide if I am then it was a powerful message.

1. The movie has a point with the islamification of Europe. The immigration, high birth rates and slow but progressive transformation of the Christian-European values into Islamic ones (such as halal meat in schools and institutions, ban of Christmas decorations, end of Christmas carols in schools and much more)

2. The movie mentioned, raids in h'Hungary. Are these the rape, crime, violence and terrorist attacks we see in western europe?

3. The Holy Roman emperor (Germany and Austria) weak and passive attitude towards the on coming threat. Symbols of the German domination of the EU (and frau Merkel) who refuses to stand up and defend Europe.

4. Poland. The country that all the other western Euro countries hate for their unwillingness to submit to the EU monster. And yet, the country that actually saved us all. Now going to 2015 and the millions of unthankful, violent and Islamic migrants currently walking through our defensless borders (with no thanks to Germany and Austria!) there is one country who really shows backbone. Oh yes! Poland. Recently during Polands national holiday there was a demonstration against Islamic migrants in Europe. Some estimates say there was 200,000 protesters! In most western countries a similar protest is HUGE if it can muster maybe 500! Will Poland save Europe again? Only time will tell.

5. The turk living in Italy. Oh yes the monk screamed "He is one of us" as we say about the muslims in Europe. Yet when it comes down to the final choice for them, Europe or Islam, they will stab us in the back and join the jihad banners. While this is a strong one we do see the high about of ISIS fighters coming from Europe, plus the amount of local support for them. Its an invisible enemy we cant see until they strike.

6. and this is the last one (I promise to expand if I remember more pointers). The deaf woman. Is she the symbol of the weak minded and "ethnic" horny western women? Who despite being rejected and mistreated multiple times by their Muslim......"lover?" STILL remain loyal and submissive despite the useless situation their live in?

Wauw....this last one I was actually in doubt with and I even laughed at myself but maybe this was the best point of them all.

Reviewed by belenkasbelenkas 1 / 10

false events to change the history

This film was cheap try to change the history,it is sad how such people like Renzo Martinelli could live with such lies,i ask every one to read the history to see by his own eyes how the facts was changed and many true events was hidden,the only true thing in the film is the fail attempt to occupies Viena but the whole thing around this movie was clear lie, i believe strongly it is cheap crusade attempt to attract people and show different massages to the Christian audience about Christianity after the church lost its supporters and recourses,honestly it is crap low and cheap lies,before saying any thing read the history from neutral western recourse's to see how Renzo Martinelli this radical crusade tryed to fake the history,specially about the women prostitutes and the death of the Turkish leader and why or how they lost this battle,without the betraying(when smaller leader in the Turkish army allowed the polish army to pass through the bridge behind the Turkish army without stopping them) the ottoman army wouldn't lost this battle Pro Rayan

Reviewed by winterorchid 10 / 10

I loved it

I'm not a movie buff and usually fall asleep after 30 minutes. I was able to stay along with this movie until the very end. Some viewers criticized it for lack of character development and lack of depth on the role of King Jan Sebieski and over-emphasis on Friar Marco. That is true but it was still clear from the movie that King Jan was key and instrumental in the defeat of the Ottoman. It introduced me to a part of history that is significant and not over-embellished. I'm the type of person that prefer a story line that is more natural rather than dramatized. I prefer "the Night to remember" over "the Titanic" for instance. I was able to understand the plot and I think it was focused. I think the low rating is undeserved.

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