Seraphim Falls


Action / Drama / Thriller / War / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 55%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 28764


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Liam Neeson as Carver
Pierce Brosnan as Gideon
Jimmi Simpson as Big Brother
Anjelica Huston as Madame Louise
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rob_Taylor 5 / 10

Good start, but goes a bit trippy crackpot at the end.

I like going into movies knowing little about them other than a few basics. Quite often, the less you know beforehand, the more enjoyable a movie can be. So all I knew about Seraphim Falls when I watched it was that it was a western. I didn't even know who was in it.

Now, to start with, all was well. The frozen mountainous setting, Brosnan and Neeson, a tale of revenge. Who was Brosnan's character? Why was Neeson after him. All good stuff.

Over the course of the next hour or so, more is revealed as the manhunt continues. Again, all good.

But, oh dear, having convinced me it was a revenge-western, Seraphim Falls then proceeds to get a little bit weird. Characters appear in the middle of nowhere, offering temptations to Brosnan and Neeson's characters. At first I thought "The characters are losing their minds, and this is what they are seeing." But the gifts thus given to the duo are apparently real. If they had both died of thirst at the end and been found by a wandering cavalry detachment, say, then I could have forgiven this.

But this is not what happens. I won't try and gloss over it. For a revenge flick this is a deeply unsatisfying conclusion. The trippy insanity is never explained and the whole thing leaves a rather unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth.

It's almost as if, having given us over an hour of blood and thunder, the director wanted to point out the folly of vengeance and how we should all just "get along...." If you like good old fashioned westerns give this one a miss. It starts off promising, but will hugely disappoint you in the end.

Reviewed by Mr-Fusion 7 / 10

Wild vengeance

"Seraphim Falls" makes the most of its spare 20-minute opening, little more than an excuse to see Pierce Brosnan desperately fleeing Liam Neeson's nearing posse (honestly, the guy gets punished in all manner of ways, gunshot, wilderness, what-have-you). There's minimal dialogue, save for a few lines of Neeson's growl, which is cause enough to start running. The source of their shared acrimony is clearly established later on, but for a good half of the movie, it's an unfettered chase.

And ultimately, it works, at least until the story starts winding down in the third act. By that point, the hatred's been clarified, some of the sadistic fun has gone and - one way or another - the conflict gets solved.

It doesn't play like a conventional Western, and you could argue it's really an action movie. But not a bad one in either case.


Reviewed by Florian Gabriel 4 / 10

If you are looking for a Liam Neeson or Pierce Brosnan film, watch it, if you seek for a good western and non cliché movie, do not waste your time

I will start with the cast. The actors are persons that played in a lot of good films, their acting is, let's say, above average, yes I have to agree, but unfortunately, this is the only good thing that I see about this movie. Storyline, twist, soundtrack, film editing, whatever, they are all crap. I am sorry to say this, I am a huge western enthusiast, but this movie doesn't have anything to do about western movies. It is just a mix of thriller, drama and action Hollywood cliché, that me, for example, I am bored of and hate them so much that I had some strong nerves to watch it till the end.

It simply does not meet any minimum requirement for me to rate it with a good mark, my final rating is 4.5, I gave it a 4 because a 5 would be too much for what it does.

I do not want to say that it totally wasted my time, even if I strongly feel it did, however, if it was not for the western climate in the movie (which is very very poor), I would have gave it no more than 2 as a rating, I am very serious.

I am not giving you any spoiler, so to conclude, I am saying this again: if you are like a big fan of an actor of the cast, or a fan of some crew members than go ahead, watch it, but if you are looking for a good western/action/drama/thriller/etc movie which has to meet some minimum requirements, I am kindly telling you DO NOT WATCH THIS !

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