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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fstapleton-75543 5 / 10

Snake thriller.

Couple with secrets to hide trapped in tent with deadly snake in remote location. Very basic thriller with decent acting and some good moments. Let down by a clunky script and overall a bit underwhelming. Watchable but not enough really happening here.

Reviewed by Saiph90 1 / 10

The snake was the best actor.

This is not the worst film I have seen but it was close, the story, a woman is having an affair decides to go on a field trip with her husband Adam an entomologist to study a beetle in Suicide Gorge. You can understand her having an affair as I have garden tools with more charisma than her husband, when I was in my teens I wanted to be in a band so got a guitar, after a while I realised I was not that good, I wonder if the actors watch this and have the self awareness to realise they are not very good actors and the snake out acts both of them.

So they are both on the field trip and the makers realise this is tanking so they have her strip off to bra and panties and the camera man focuses his camera on her breasts for the remainder of the film. They get trapped in the tent by a black mamba after she slips out to read her text message from the bloke she is playing hide the sausage with, she must be pretty dim not deleting them,. So for what seems forever the snake slips, slides, rears up, at one point I went to the toilet and my wife asked if she should pause it, I said no, on coming back I asked if anything had happened, she said no, the snake has just moved about a bit more. So eventually it bites her after her husband starts to strangle her and she bites his thumb. Having left the anti toxin he throws the snake out, the snake is hacked and comes after him, they wrestle in the water and he kills it, which is a shame as I was thinking Serpent 2 minus the actors. He gets bit, both him nd his wife die. Some have suggested a biblical theme, Adam , snake forbidden fruit but that gives the impression of something interesting. The film is not scary, not interesting, lacks suspense, poorly acted bar the snake and is simply boring moving pictures.

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

Life is not about how we die

Adam (Tom Ainsley) is a South African entomologist with a great assignment. He is to travel to a remote area to seek and study what may be a new species of beetle that has a small ecosystem. They are located in Suicide Gorge. His wife Gwyn (Sarah Dumont) almost showers and insists on traveling with him. She is having an affair because Adam is good looking, intelligent, and cooks for her. If you look at the back of the DVD cover, you know they get trapped inside a small tent with a Black Mamba without Elle Driver to read to us.

There is a Biblical parallel with the serpent, a man named Adam and a woman who has eaten the forbidden fruit, letting the serpent into their lives, threatening their expulsion from paradise on Earth. However well acted, it amounts to a two person play, one that is almost as boring as a one person play with Sarah in her bra and panties. The ending could have gone a number of ways, they tossed in some hallucinations because they could.

Guide: Sex. No swearing or nudity.

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