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Susie Abromeit as Valerie
Bruce Willis as Biggs
Ryan Phillippe as Vincent Long
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Reviewed by davidfurlotte 1 / 10

Was this written by a 16 year old?

I've seen movies that have plot holes big enough to drive trucks through, some big enough to drive aircraft carriers through, but this has got to be the first movie that I've seen that an entire planet could get through the myriad of plot holes.

*****Oh Yes there be SPOILERS*****

Plot Hole 1 So, let me understand this correctly, the ENTIRE Detroit Police Department has gone on vacation for this movie.

We start out with 3 guys pulling over a car in downtown Detroit in the middle of the morning by jumping out of their vehicle and just rattling off a whole bunch of rounds with automatic weapons. LITERALLY hundreds, perhaps thousands of bystanders, and not ONE of them thinks to call 911? Oh, and of course there isn't a police car within 1 or 2 miles of this location?

Plot Hole 2 The boys speed away in a vehicle that is completely discreet, practically invisible... a brand new Chrysler White Van with a logo on it, to some location down near the river to wait for their contact to show up. Now of course, one of the 3 bad guys turns on his two friends that he grew up with and shoots them, leaving one of them alive of course, otherwise the movie would end there...wouldn't that have been NICE?

Then we have plot holes that I cannot understand because they're so strange.

The Shooter has a sister that NEITHER one of his BEST BOYHOOD friends know about and she just happens to be the DRIVER for the guy they robbed.

Oh, the guy that got killed and was OBVIOUSLY one of the three guys that pulled off the robbery just gets collected by ???? and has a nice funeral instead of perhaps a cop or two determining who he was and looking for his friends, etc. (Maybe in the cutbacks in Detroit there's no homicide department or violent crimes department or robbery department) Then we have a hit-man (we don't ever learn who he works for) and we have Bruce Willis entering as the Mob Boss who magically finds the guy who got shot (50 cent) and wants to hire him to do a job for him which has NOTHING to do with the earlier things.

I watched this because I LIKE Bruce Willis, he's a good actor and does a lot of really good movies, but really Bruce, did they offer you THAT much money you couldn't walk away from this one?

You cannot watch this movie without going WTF at least a dozen times. I've reviewed some movies that I've advised you to just enjoy and go along for the ride because of the great action sequences, THIS is NOT going to be one of them. PLEASE give this a pass and let it end up in the BARGAIN BIN of some obscure convenience store as soon as possible.

Reviewed by coolcakid 1 / 10

Awful. Bad acting, bad story, bad ending, bad everything.

Awful. Bad acting, bad story, bad ending, bad everything.

Reviewed by binasmc 1 / 10

Worst Click bate ever!

If I could sue for mis representing a good movie, I'll still be broke because this movie is terrible. I'll be surprised if Bruce Willis got paid. Surprisingly it had al lot of familiar cast that it should of been decent but Hell it didn't help. It's the plot is all over the place and transition is smooth as Rocky Mountain trail. Sorry but Cinematography! it keeps pulling me out of the story. Supposedly they used a Red camera but not using it's full potential, - or like a Chase scene that keep changing distance in a matter of a cut scene wow! Terrible. Actors? have they lost touch of their ability I'm talking about the pros- 50 cent is in a different element, have a feeling he got the role cause he's famous in a different way (tomato- tahmato.)

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